Kuwait City’s KTMCC Talent Test Showcases Diverse Competitions and Prominent Participants

KTMCC Talent Test to Showcase Christian Talent in Kuwait

Kuwait City – The much-awaited Kuwait Town Malayali Christian Congregation (KTMCC) Talent Test is all set to take place on September 28, starting at 8 am at the prestigious NECK Anganam. This highly anticipated event will witness the participation of over 500 individuals from 30 churches, showcasing their extraordinary abilities in various competitive categories.

A Platform for Creativity and Excellence

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in diverse fields such as music, group singing, speech, short story, instrumental, essay, quiz, drawing, and photography. The competition has been meticulously divided into three different age categories, ensuring fair competition among contestants.

Grand Inauguration and Closing Session

The event will commence with an inaugural ceremony, presided over by the esteemed Reverend Emmanuel Gharib, chairman of the KTMCC. The initial proceedings will witness the presence of renowned personalities from various domains, adding grace and prestige to the occasion.

As the day progresses, participants will captivate the audience with their astounding performances, leaving everyone spellbound. The thrilling competition will culminate with a closing session at 1 pm, where distinguished individuals from different fields will join the event, adding a touch of glamour and significance.

A Visionary Organizing Committee

The success of such a grand event relies heavily on a dedicated team. In this regard, a commendable 100-member committee, with the highly efficient Roy K. Yohannan as General Convener, has been meticulously chosen. This committee is committed to ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for all participants and attendees.

The KTMCC Talent Test promises to be a remarkable event, celebrating the richness of Christian talent and fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants. With its incredible line-up of competitions and distinguished personalities, this event is set to create waves in the Christian community in Kuwait.

Kuwait City ∙ Kuwait Town Malayali Christian Congregation (KTMCC) Talent Test will be held on September 28 at 8 am at NECK Anganam. More than 500 people from 30 churches will take part. The competition is in music, group singing, speech, short story, instrumental, essay, quiz, drawing and photography. A video news bulletin with matchday coverage has also been prepared. The competition is divided into 3 categories based on age. Chairman of the Rev. Emmanuel Gharib will inaugurate. Famous people from different fields will take part in the closing session at 1pm. A 100 member committee with Roy K. Yohannan as General Convener was also chosen for the success of the event.

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