Kuwait Union of Fishermen: Not enough workers: Crisis in the Kuwaiti fishing sector – shortage of fishermen kuwait fishing sector in deep crisis

Kuwait: Fisheries sector in Kuwait in crisis due to shortage of manpower. According to Arab media reports, the head of the Fishermen’s Union said that the crisis was caused by the refusal to allow the recruitment of foreign workers in the region.

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Fisheries sector is not included in the repatriation list. He said he did not understand why foreign recruitment was not allowed. He also demanded that the government take immediate action to address the shortage of workers in the sector. The matter has been brought to the notice of the authorities several times but no favorable decision has been reached. He said he had discussed the matter with Kuwait Manpower Authority officials but had not reached a decision on the matter.

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240 fishing boats had their licenses revoked due to lack of manpower. The Manpower Authority’s recommendation is to hire workers locally. But people are not available in the local market. He says the solution is to hire experienced people from foreign countries but the authority is not ready to accommodate it.

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