Kwak Sang-do, warrant examination tomorrow… Kwon Soon-il, indictment only for ‘violation of the Attorney Act’?

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Among those involved in the so-called ‘5 billion club’, which was pointed out as a lobbying target for the Daejang-dong suspicion, the warrant review of former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who is at the crossroads of arrest for the first time, will be held tomorrow.

Former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il, who received a large amount of torture remuneration from Hwacheon Daeyu, is expected to be charged only with violating the Attorney Act.

Reporter Lim Hyun-joo covered the story.

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Former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do will attend the interrogation of the suspect before arrest at the Seoul Central District Court tomorrow morning.

It is said that the arrest warrant request contains information that former lawmaker Kwak, who received a request from Kim Man-bae, the major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, asked an executive of Hana Bank to participate in the consortium between January and March 2015.

In June of that year, his son Byeong-chae joined Hwacheon Daeyu, and when he left six years later, he received 5 billion won in the name of severance pay.

Prosecutors suspect that 2.5 billion won was paid for helping to form the consortium, excluding 2.2 billion won in taxes and 150 million won in severance pay out of the 5 billion won.

In a statement issued last night, former lawmaker Kwak’s side said, “The warrant does not reveal what specific requests were made and what requests to whom it was made.”

However, an official from the prosecution said, “The investigation team will present additional data to substantiate the charges at the warrant review tomorrow and explain the need for arrest.”

Also of interest is the direction of the judicial process of former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il, who was investigated by the prosecution last week as another ‘5 billion club’ related person.

Prosecutors are expected to apply charges of violating the Attorney Law against former Supreme Court Justice Kwon, who received a high monthly consulting fee of 15 million won from Hwacheon Daewoo for 10 months.

After retiring, he acted as an advisor and provided legal advice without registering as a lawyer with the Korean Bar Association.

However, it is expected that it will be difficult to prove the allegation that former Supreme Court Justice Kwon received an advisory fee in exchange for an acquittal in the Supreme Court last year for violating the Public Official Election Act of Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung.

This is Lim Hyun-joo from MBC News.

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