“Kwan Usamanee” quits a young civil servant Got a new love


“Kwan Usamanee” quits a young civil servant Accepting a new love and revealing that if he is 40 years old, he will ask to fade away from his job in the industry.

After earlier, the female protagonist “Kwan Usamanee” was reported to be in ambush with Acting Lieutenant Thanakrit Chit Areerat” Secretary to the Minister of Justice But most recently, she has clearly denied that. “People who are in the news are not” and update their heart status now saying

have returned to work How are you?
– Now the drama has this. We’ve been traveling for half a year now. For Kwan, this story is very heavy, crushing every scene, not having an easy drama. Really arrived at Kwan. Comedy drama. Cute. You can contact Khwan. I can play. This one is begging. Most of them will have a lot of drama. Maybe everyone likes to see Kwan cry? but it’s so tiring Like in this story, the scene that everyone sees crying is not the same as before. Everything is really new normal. In the past, shooting a scene was 1-2 Take, but now filming is a frame, a close-up type, and then a wide frame again. So we all have to play. Personally, Kwan can’t play a vest. It has come, it has come Kwan had to gradually try to adjust.

in work now How are you?
– Adjust the work every day. When we grow up, we graduated in many fields. We can adapt everything that we have learned in life from the beginning and apply it. Like he said let’s study. learn anything When it comes in handy every time we happen to something We know how we have to adapt to the situation. What kind of words do you use? Psychology, what do we think?

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Would you like to work until you’re 40, before asking for a serious break?
– We accept dramas one by one. Now I don’t have any personal time for myself. Maybe just one day a week. We’re 34 years old. It’s called half-life journey. It is a time for us to establish and settle life. I feel that our life has been fun enough, fun is enough, now it’s time for us to build a foundation for ourselves. Putting the future to the family in the future and the person behind I talked to my friends that in 40-50 years, we won’t do anything. (Long dragging sound) Like laying down to do beautiful nails. in the flower garden We didn’t grow out of business. We learn from some mistakes, make some corrections, even open a housekeeper company. and cosmetic companies It’s what we already like. It’s not the moment when we’re free and we go out with friends like before. But we are free, we try to educate ourselves. Grow your business more

Well, if you enter the 4th digit, will you ask for a fade from the industry, right?
– It might fade. If we have a family, we have children, we may have a period of wanting to raise children by ourselves. Born as a nanny does not allow parents to be the ones to take care of us Because we have good memories here. Even though we had some fights (laughs) but we were warm and these things we felt that we couldn’t go back.

There are people who study But it’s not the one who’s in the news, right?
-I’ve thought about marriage, but I’ll find someone to talk to now. are studying each other But not in the news, that person is not.

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Eh.. you have a new girlfriend like this?
– Not a new boyfriend The person who is in the news is not Asked if they had separated or not. Yes, Mr. Uncle is an adult that we respect in terms of knowledge. But in the matter of married life, it’s pink. Asking if moving on has a new love, not moving on. I’m always the same pink. This time, no information will be given. Wait, it’s not what you think. Funny. The fortune teller has said it. Don’t open it.

Wait, ready and open at once, right?
-I’m not pregnant yet (laughs). We also take a tip. But it’s not closed just live a normal life live a natural life He’s not a media person. He’s not in the media any more. I mean, he’s working on his business. For example, we work in the drama filming industry. Waking up in the morning like this to see his brothers and sisters, his media is working on his business. He’s not as big as me.

How is this person good to us?
– He’s a good person. That is, it’s good for us without any hidden benefits (have you talked for a long time or not) for a long time, then it’s time to give information. Well, we don’t know how. But at present, whoever is good to us is good. But if someone is not what we think We have to walk to find people who are good with our lives.

On the mother’s side, will you pass this person?
– Mom passed everyone. Later, my mother passed by everyone. As for the story, the warp was opened. He already understood everything. because they have been together for quite a long time as well Don’t just open the portal (laughs). Ask if he’s handsome. The most handsome in my heart “Number one in my heart”

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new business launch date Will you be able to see him?
– I can’t see it. is two people together We respect the most sincerity. There must be no lies The matter of taking advantage must not exist. which if there was an incident here, it could not be a person who loves each other Can’t create a family

Let’s talk about the future?
-He doesn’t have to start at all. We force (laughs) that we don’t commit to anyone. Like if in the end we bonded together But he’s not good to us now. we have to separate Because we have to take care of ourselves and our hearts as well. Ask if your mother wants us to have a family. Mothers believed more in what we said. because like others People’s winds can say anything like this. And the more people who come to flirt with children, they have to create a good image. Asked if my mother would let us scan it myself, so I went on and on. Follow the path of my life to make it pink.


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