Kwang-hee “Cho Young-nam had a fake wedding in the past” ‘Fixed the scene’

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Broadcaster Kwang-hee turned the scene upside down by revealing to Jo Young-nam, “I had a fake wedding.”

On the afternoon of the 16th, MBN’s ‘Fight with Gods’, singer and painter Jo Young-nam, appeared as the first guest to reveal secrets that were not known until now. In addition to the truth hidden in the numerous controversies surrounding him, such as ‘The Masterpiece Controversy’, ‘The Death of Jo Young-Nam in 2009’, and ‘The Best Revenge,’ it is expected to dig into the life history of Cho Young-Nam in ’50 Years of Old Life’ and draw an unconventional talk scene as it is. to be.

Among them, about the reincarnation of Jo Young-nam, Kwang-Devil Kwang-hee “even had a fake wedding”, which surprised those around him. Jo Young-nam explained, “It was a wedding performance as a performance art.” He continued, “The second wife I broke up with gave me ok.” He said, “It was a performance I did because I wanted to wear a veil,” he said. He added, “At first it was a performance. At the time, there was no awareness of art, and it was reported as a wedding due to misunderstandings by reporters who did not understand it properly. So it ended up being a real wedding.”

However, when it was revealed that relatives and acquaintances had attended as guests and received congratulatory money, opinions about the performance that only the two of them knew were divided. In the end, Gu-ra Kim, the great king of Yeom-gura, shouted, ‘Should I reincarnate this kind of person?’, creating a more dramatic atmosphere. Is it possible to reincarnate Jo Young-nam, the ‘icon of events’?

On the other hand, ‘Fight with God’ is a talk show with an honest reincarnation ‘life’ in which 3MCs Kim Gura, Do Kyung-wan, and Kwang-hee pick up the curiosity of the other world.

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