Kwon Eun-bi, a former member of IZ*ONE, goes out on her own… 24th solo scramble

Kwon Eun-bi, a member of the group IZ*ONE, is going solo.

At 6 pm on the 9th, her agency, Woollim Entertainment, surprised Kwon Eun-bi’s official SNS opening with the Coming Soon poster.

The Coming Soon poster contains the name of Eunbi Kwon in silver letters and the half-open door. The blue sky seen through the cracks in the door and the wide field in full bloom heralded Kwon Eun-bi’s pleasant new start as she set out to stand alone.

‘COMING SOON 2021. 08. 24’ written along with this, predicted that Eunbi Kwon would release her solo debut album on the 24th, drawing high attention from global fans.

In particular, Kwon Eun-bi is getting a hot response by releasing the first album among IZone members and announcing that she is going to be a solo singer.

Kwon Eun-bi, who played an active role as the leader of IZone, has been recognized for her outstanding dancing and singing skills, and has established herself as a representative ‘all-rounder’ in the music industry. After the end of IZ*ONE’s activities in April, he took on FashionN’s ‘Follow Me – Sincerely to your taste’ MC, showing off your smooth hosting skills and is actively promoting.

As a complete solo artist, attention is focused on Kwon Eun-bi, who will open the second act splendidly.

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Photo l Woollim Entertainment

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