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Kwon Min-ah from AOA “Don’t trust celebrities” continues to expose and sniper

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Kwon Min-ah’s revelations and sniping continue. Provided by Kwon Min-ah’s SNS

Kwon Min-ah, a former member of the group AOA, continues to expose and sniper.

Kwon Min-ah posted on her SNS on the 6th, “I will not endure and live according to my personality when I was young. I will never be angry or hurt by anyone for no reason.”

He said, “Instead, if someone says something to me or swears at me, I can treat it the same way and enjoy it. It can be an opportunity to live a better life, so it’s not unconditional that I hate it.”

He continued, “I thought that the one who endures unconditionally wins, but it’s different for each person, but at least it wasn’t for me. On the contrary, unfair things happen and it’s hard to go back. I’ll just live with my personality. Do you write? Then, I have the courage to give up. Don’t swear while yelling at me.”

Then he said, “Oh, and the celebrities you trust? Do I still belong to them? Anyway, don’t trust too much and give it all away. Among them, people who are pure and clean like the ones on TV, who don’t seem to swear at them, and those who match their appearance on TV. How many do you think it will be? Because my job is a public figure. I have to do that, so I hide it and live with a pretense.”

After that, Minah Kwon posted another post. He said to his fans, “I’m having fun right now, and I’m really happy these days. If you’re worried about me crying because you’re afraid of getting hurt, you really don’t have to worry at all.” He also expressed displeasure at the claims of some AOA fans that he likes sex and refuted that it was not true.

Kwon Min-ah said, “There is evidence of Shin, but apart from that, there are several victims. I am the only one who has endured the longest. said.

Last year, Minah Kwon revealed that she had been bullied by Jimin while working as an AOA member. Jimin’s real name is Shin Ji-min, who left the entertainment industry because of this.

Kwon Min-ah said, “Suspecting non-accounts? Sussing malicious commenters? Even if I do, the punishment is not cool, we only get tired of each other and they pay fines. talked He also warned malicious commenters, “If you touch my parents while flirting, I’ll consider it then.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Min-ah debuted as AOA in 2012 and turned to an actress after leaving the group. He appeared in dramas ‘Please Take Care of Me, Mom’, ‘Hospital Ship’ and ‘Queen of Mystery Season 2’.

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