Kwon Seong-dong is in need of first aid, but paramedics’ ankles are treated with extra care.

Lee Jun-seok “Democracy’s proposal for a meeting to pass the supplementary budget is unfair”

People’s Power Floor Leader Kwon Seong-dong said to the Democratic Party of Korea on the 28th in relation to the supplementary budget (additional budget), which is still negotiating between the ruling and opposition parties, “Is it okay if I hold on to the ankles of the paramedics by saying, “Let’s do a comprehensive checkup at a time when emergency treatment is needed?”

On the evening of that day, floor leader Kwon made a statement regarding the supplementary budget.

The plenary session of the supplementary budget, which was tentatively agreed to be held on the same day, has been postponed by one day to the 29th, and it is interpreted as a message to pressure the opposition party to handle the supplementary budget in a situation where it is difficult to conclude negotiations between the ruling and opposition parties.

Floor Leader Kwon said, “I once again request the Democratic Party.

At the plenary meeting tomorrow, we must cooperate with the passage of the supplementary budget bill to support small business owners and the self-employed,” he said.

“There are moments when the timing is more important than the size of the budget execution,” he said.

If more support is needed, we can discuss it later,” he said.

He continued, “Ex-President Moon Jae-in has spoken of the desperation of small business owners several times and said that he should pass the supplementary budget bill as soon as possible.

He also said that the cows should not be lost and the barn should not be repaired,” he added.

Kwon said, “Dr. lawmakers, just because the position of the opposition and opposition parties has changed, you must not even change your attitude toward the people’s suffering.” goal,” he said.

Representative Lee Jun-seok said that it was ‘unfair’ for the Democratic Party’s chairman of the Joint Emergency Response Committee Yun Ho-jung to propose a ‘receipt meeting’ with President Yoon Seok-yeol to pass the supplementary budget bill on the same day.

On the same day, CEO Lee said on Facebook, “It is unfair to mention the receipt meeting without understanding the urgency of the self-employed and without passing the supplementary budget bill.” Not doing it is uncivilized.”

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