Kwon Seong-dong, over the hotel controversy, “It is against the Democrats to talk about tax waste”

[사진 제공:연합뉴스]

People’s Power Floor Leader Kwon Seong-dong criticized the controversy surrounding the new guesthouse construction plan, saying, “The fact that the Democratic Party is talking about tax waste itself is contradictory.”

Floor leader Kwon said on social media this morning, “The Democratic Party is consistent with political struggles.”

He added, “What’s the problem if you spend your taxes where you need them?” “Isn’t it really a problem that it has been reduced to a marriage failure recovery business like the solar power plant, and economic losses of 800 billion won. due to the early closure of the Wolseong nuclear power plant?”

“The North-South coordination office built in Kaesong during the Moon Jae-in administration was blown up in less than two years, and earned 71 billion in evaporation taxes,” he said.

He continued, “He pointed out that the current Blue House hotel is the worst level that even within the Moon Jae-in administration does not match the dignity of the state.

“If cost was an issue in the new hotel, we should have welcomed it with open arms,” ​​said Kwon.