Kwon Young-se, Kim Jong-un’s intention to take his daughter, “The message that ICBMs are also normal”

On the 22nd, Unification Minister Kwon Young-se analyzed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s intention to take his daughter to an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test launch on the 18th.

When Minister Kwon appeared in the MBN press room that day and received a related question, he said, “Launching an ICBM is routine, and they don’t think about it at all, but instead show it to North Korea and show off. to the international community that it is so normal that they can come out with their children. I think there is a side,” he replied.

Minister Kwon added, “Depending on the interpreters, there are even stories about hereditary succession, and there are many stories.”

Regarding North Korea’s launch of the ICBM ‘Hwasong-17’ at a high angle instead of the normal angle, “According to domestic and foreign experts, only a high angle launch is still possible, and a launch similar to “The actual shape requires a lot more testing and technological development,” he said. I say no,” he said.

“(Experts) still seem negative about whether material engineering technology or other fluid dynamics is ready enough for the warhead to withstand a very harsh environment on re-entry,” he explained.

In that regard, apart from the 7th nuclear test, he predicted that there would be more technical aspects to be tested on the ICBM part.

Regarding the difference between the Yoon Seok-yeol government’s denuclearization roadmap, the Bold Initiative, and the Moon Jae-in Government’s North Korea policy, he said, “The Moon Jae-in government’s ‘Korean Peninsula New Economic Initiative’ is to cooperate in the economic field on the premise of denuclearization, but the ‘Bold Initiative’ Since denuclearization is the most important and immediate goal, all focus should be on the denuclearization of North Korea,” he said.

Regarding the description of the relationship between North Korea and the United States as “North Korea-US relations” in the explanatory material for the “Bold Initiative,” he said, “It was not decided that we would use it as the US- North. Korean relations in the future. “You should think about it,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of a ‘second Kaesong Industrial Complex’, Minister Kwon also drew a line, saying, “Now the Kaesong Industrial Complex has been stopped due to a security threat to us and cannot be restarted.

However, in terms of cooperation in the economic sector, “If we start with a small economic cooperation and build a small cooperation in all areas, not only in the economic sector, but also in the health sector, the forestry sector, and” r the climate change sector, trust that inter-Korean relations will be restored to some extent. If that happens, I look forward to making progress on denuclearization a little easier.”

Regarding the rumor of running for the next representative of the party, Minister Kwon, a four-term senior member, said, “I have no other thoughts except to focus hard on the Unification Minister position.” On the issue of the state affairs investigation into the Halloween disaster, where the ruling and opposition parties are in sharp conflict, he spared his words, saying, “The ruling and opposition parties will work together to decide.”


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