Kyobo Life’s Gwanghwamun text board has been redesigned… There is an ocean with no beginning and no end

Kyobo Life Insurance announced on the 30th that it had refurbished the text board installed at its head office in Gwanghwamun, Seoul ahead of the summer season, with the phrases in the poem ‘Ryeonggeum’ by Kim Chun-su.

An excerpt from the last verse of the hymn, ‘There is an ocean that has neither beginning nor end’, waving in our eyes.

The explanation is that these words contain the meaning of reminding us that each has inner strength and infinite possibilities.

In the background of the text, the work of author Su-ji Lee, the first Korean to receive the Hans Christian Andersen Prize, considered the ‘Nobel Prize for children’s books’, is included. One of the works published in Lee’s picture book Let’s Play with Waves , it depicts a child facing the horizon and waves.

Kyobo Life Insurance, Gwanghwamun Text Board Redesigned...  'There is an ocean with no beginning and no end'

Kyobo Life has been delivering sympathy and consolation to citizens through the Gwanghwamun bulletin board for over 30 years since 1991. This summer edition will be held at Kyobo Life Insurance Building in Gwanghwamun and Kyobo Tower in Gangnam, ‘Jongno 1’, Seoul until the end of August.

By Kim Dae-hoon, staff reporter

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