Kyrie Irving joins Mavericks ‘disrespected’ by former Nets club – Basket Count

Commander expects a combination of Doncic and Kyrie “It’s a big advantage”

Kyrie Irving, who was traded from the Nets to the Mavericks, made his first press conference as a member of the Mavs. “I felt disrespected,” he told his former club the Nets, adding, “I don’t judge anyone by name. There are many, but I’m against it,” he said without trying to say much .

“I have no personal grudges against anyone at the Nets. I will continue to have friendships with my teammates, as I have at every club I have been with. I am fortunate enough to have my opportunity with The Mavs. “Everyone talks off the court and I want to change that. I want to create my own story and keep preparing on the training ground.”

Mavs co-manager Jason Kidd also spoke about the trade during a press conference. During his playing days, Kidd spent six and a half seasons with what was then the New Jersey Nets from 2001, leading the team to two NBA Finals. Kylie, who grew up in New Jersey, said Kidd was a dream. The two have been training under a common personal trainer and have been close friends.

Acquiring Kyrie will be a big factor in the development of the Mavs, who had a star in Luka Doncic but lacked the talent to back him up. “The acquisition of Kyrie is huge, not only for Luca but for the other teammates,” Kidd said.

When asked if Doncic and Kyrie, who both have the ball together, would work together, Kidd cites Kyrie winning an NBA championship playing with LeBron James when he was with the Cavaliers Wedi’ to list in

“LeBron’s style of play is often compared to Luca,” Kidd said. “Kyrie has played with some of the best players in the world and has had success.

“We need a playmaker like that[Jaylen]Brunson. I don’t want to blame Branson, but Kyrie is on a different level. We have Luca getting double teamed a lot, and that’s where Kyrie gets his chance. It’s a big advantage. for us.”

What worries me is that neither Doncic nor Kyrie are aggressive defensive types. But Kidd says, “I always try to preach the importance of defense, but I think offense can be a threat. It’s not easy to follow a game where you score 130 or 140 points.”

On February 8th, Kyrie will make his debut in the new world against the Clippers. However, Doncic is expected to miss the game with a heel injury, and the two will probably play together against the Kings on the 10th.

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