Kyrie Irving scored 37 points in the return match, and the defeat at the end of the double overtime is “I’m just looking forward to the future” –Basketball Count |

“Everyone of us chooses victory over stats”

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, James Harden. The team lost at the end of the double overtime against the Cavaliers, where Netz’s “Big 3” was first available.

Durant scored 38 points, Irving scored 37 points, Harden scored 21 points, and three of them scored 96 points, which is more than 70% of the team’s 135 points. The tendency to rely on three players increased as the match progressed, with 42 of the 57 points Netz scoring from the second half of the fourth quarter to the end of the match. Although it had explosive power, it could not shake off the sticky Cavaliers. Nets, who ran out of gas in two extensions, lost 135-147.

Still, Durant said, “I can play with a sense of companionship,” Harden said, “It would be great if I could win and solve it, but I can also learn from the loss. It seems that the response was obtained at the first meeting of “Big 3”. So what does Kylie think when she returns to the team for “personal reasons”? Kylie was in a good mood at an online press conference.

When asked about his impressions of the return game, Kylie said, “To be honest, it was too long. The return game is a double overtime. But I was able to confirm that I love NBA basketball. Express myself. I did my best. It was a lot of fun and I was excited. “

“We were able to give in to each other and play while exploring how to get closer to the best. We have only played one match yet, but we are looking forward to the future.”

Although he lost the match, “Few teams score 20 points in the second extension. The Cavs did it. Collin (Sexton) was great. I think we should praise them tonight.” I touched on the wonderful battle of the old nest.

When the story reached Stats, who scored 96 points with three people, he smiled with a big smile and said, “Everyone of us chooses to win over stats, but even though it is the first time for us to play with three people I can’t believe it. ” “But it’s our responsibility to combine each element into one and make it work. Looking at the offense alone wasn’t enough today. Of course, we had to stop the opponent in the defense. This is the season. It’s something that you’ll work on. Not just say here, but actually stack up small things and make good preparations. We’ll make better preparations and move forward. “


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