Kyung-sil Lee becomes a grandmother… 22-year-old son Son Bo-seung is pregnant

picture explanationSon Bo-seung. Photo ㅣ Mada Entertainment

Comedian Lee Kyung-sil (55) becomes a grandmother.

Son Bo-seung, 22, who is an actor, became a father while preparing for marriage.

On the 28th, Mada Entertainment, the agency, said, “The blessing of a new life has come to actor Son Bo-seung. said.

He continued, “Specifically, we ask for your understanding that it is a time that still needs stability and that it is a cautious situation in consideration for a non-celebrity girlfriend. I will try my best to make it happen,” he said.

Son Bo-seung recently lost 10 kg in two weeks and drew attention by challenging the TV Chosun audition program ‘National Singer’.

After hearing the advice of her mother, Kyung-sil Lee, and following a harsh diet, she said that she tried the program, saying, “I want to be a supporting role in a drama, but I want to be the main character on stage.”

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