L Kamonwan accepts that Krungsri Wilai’s father lost the election and reveals that his father will be able to travel together.

L Kamonwan, thank you 2.4 thousand votes, choose the father ‘Krungsri Wilai’ to accept defeat This time my father rested. have traveled together

after the results of the general MPs election, 2023 onwards Samut Prakan Province come out saying Progressive Party (Kor. Kor.) won region MPs and list MPs in all 8 regions, Samut Prakan Province called the original owner of the area big house asavahem defeat the election

while the actress L Kamonwan daughter of Mr. Krungsriwlai Suthinphuek Palang Pracharat Party (PPP) MP candidate, District 8, Samut Prakan Province bares his heart after his father lost the election to No. 1, namely Triwat Imjai Mr Candidates for Kao Klai Party MPs received 46,539 points, which is 41.09%, while second place Mrs. Salinthip Sukwat Thai Pheu Party MP candidates received 24,814 votes, which is 21.91%.

by Krungsri Wilai Mr Elected in 3rd place, having obtained 24,764 points, representing 21.87%

L Kamonwan He revealed that over the past 17 years… Father Krungsri Wilai has gone from being a hero of the people to the political circle. Been involved quite a bit in this industry, in all forms, good and bad. from a country boy with brown eyes Came to the role of being an MP for 4 terms in the Samut Prakan area, District 8

L. Kamonwan and Krungsriwlai

There was never a day when my father was at home. There is never a day when we meet to eat together without haste. because the work area is quite tight Have been several times booking a hotel to go on holiday. Book a ticket for me to take my dad on a trip… I’ve never been there once. If I can go, my father never sleeps over. Or he can go to eat for a long time, easy to say, never having a cold day because the father’s life is the people And the job was number 1 throughout the father’s life.

My father was sick many times but refused to go to hospital Be patient with yourself and go straight away. Because there are meetings and events in the area, many jobs a day, almost 10 jobs a day, from morning to night every day. L always found father very tired. But the father did everything in order not to let the people who chose him come to be disappointed in him…

This post L is like father’s daughter. I want to thank you 24,764 votes for helping me choose my father. It is so much But these days, the power of the party must also be accepted. The best in history As it was the voice of the people, we had to admit that we lost with sportsmanship, because in reality we were all brothers and sisters. No matter who gets it these days, it doesn’t matter at all because we have the same goal, which is to make it for the people. Congratulations to you all 🙏🏼

This time, dad has taken a break and traveled together 🤍🫶🏻

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