LAAB start injection 35 Department of Hospital Medical Services Add fragile landscape reduce illness, death from COVID

35 hospitals of the Department of Medical Services are starting a LAAB injection and booster vaccination campaign. Increase immunity, reduce serious illness and death. Rama’s doctor pointed out that LAAB is another option for vulnerable groups. Immune deficiency, cancer, kidney failure, ask your doctor Register through the hospital near your home

On December 27 at Rajavithi Hospital, Dr. Weerawut Imsamran, Deputy Director General of the Department of Medical Services said the launch of the vaccination campaign of COVID-19, the LAAB vaccination needle and the completed Immunization LAAB, after the launch of LAAB in July, so far, 26,000 people have been injected from r 2.5 hundred thousand doses prepared for chronic renal failure patients Then revised to expand to use more risk groups. Both groups receive immunosuppressive drugs such as HIV cancer to allow more patients to access Including the elderly over 70 years old who received the vaccine for more than 6 months. The group that received it had very few side effects spray But the effectiveness of preventing COVID-19 is up to 80% in 6 months, so we have to campaign for the target group to come in for service.

Today, 35 hospitals under the Department of Medical Services across the country have started using LAAB at the same time as an alternative campaign in conjunction with the COVID booster vaccine. Including other affiliated hospitals also organizing a service able to connect In the past, it could be because the public didn’t know much about it. so it must be publicized Including having to rely on doctors who treat patients to help publicize them,” said Dr. Weerawut.

As for the COVID infection, it is expected that there will be more during the New Year. because there will be movement of people There are more activities, which are last November’s statistics There are 3,957 new patients in the last 7 days, an average of 565 cases per day, 432 cases of pneumonia and 252 intubations, 65 of deaths, but the last 7 days in December. 2,900 new cases remain, but intubation and deaths remain unchanged. There are still groups that need focus and need booster vaccination and LAAB.

Dr Weerawut said that the occupancy of the beds is currently 12%, it is expected that more people will be infected in the form of a small wave after the new year The department continues to monitor the situation. And prepare to deal with the two beds, medicines, medical supplies, adequate support He also encouraged people to adhere to the DMHTT measures, including if they received the vaccine 2-3 doses for more than 4 months and then asked for a booster shot .

The Ministry of Public Health has a policy to provide booster vaccination services. Reducing serious illness and mortality, while LAAB is another way to help gain immediate immunity. Prevent serious illness and reduce death in different risk groups. When entering the body, it will be able to resist the disease immediately. which foreign countries are used worldwide And there is also a registration of immunity in various vulnerable groups. at risk of death The research confirms that it can prevent infection and death.

At the event, there was also a discussion “Finding Answers to Combat COVID” by Professor Sassiopin, MD. Kiatburanakun Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital said that about the difference between LAAB and the COVID vaccine A vaccine is a substance that, when ingested in a special way, is There are injectable and oral forms, like polio drops when I was a child. It will cause the body to build immunity and it takes about 2 weeks for the body to fully build immunity. But it will also depend on each person. Some people have very high immunity. But some people are not high, while LAAB is a long-acting sudden immunity. After swallowing, it is ready to use immediately. Useful for immunocompromised people Immediate use of antihistamines

“If the body is healthy COVID vaccination is better, while LAAB is suitable for people who cannot be vaccinated, such as those with allergies or immune deficiencies, such as cancer patients. End Stage Renal Failure including the elderly vulnerable group Because I cannot be vaccinated. Or after receiving it, the immune system will not increase,” says Professor Sisiopin.

For the LAAB injection method, 2 vials, one with 1.5 cc, are injected in each thigh. one-time injection The results of the study showed that it was effective for 6 months, preventing 83% of COVID-19, but will it be longer or not to wait for the information that is continuously followed? As for the COVID vaccine, the immune system is injected. But for a while, the landscape will fall. This is the origin of the stimulant campaign, which should be injected for 4 months. Especially Group 608

Ms. Chidchonnee Kosolpatthanadurong acting head of the pharmaceutical group, Rajavithi Hospital, said that a group of patients who could not receive general vaccination Can contact the doctor who owns the fever for the doctor to decide and Deserve vaccination or LAAB after a visit Doctors will register in the system from various hospitals, Rajavithi Hospital has a registration desk. from patients receiving services from Rajavithi Hospital can contact and register immediately. People in other states can contact a Hospital under the Medical Department in the state or a hospital near home All hospitals will have a service system.

When it comes to the side effects of LAAB use, most of them are pain and soreness at the injection site. which is a common symptom, it has been found that around 1.3 – 1.4% or 100 people who had LAAB will experience 2 and a half symptoms, so don’t worry because there is research to support that few side effects Mild and self-healing


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