Labor Department inspects labor camps in East Kambalam Kitex today

Ten more arrested for assaulting police by out-of-state workers at East Kambalam Kitex Company The suspects were identified from various CCTV footage and mobile phone footage. The Department of Labor is likely to inspect the labor camps in Kitex today.

Police are examining in detail the mobile phone footage of the detainees. Police are recovering footage of the accused being removed from his mobile phone. So far, 174 workers, including 10 arrested yesterday, have been arrested in the case. The investigation team has also started trying to get more information about the criminal background of the main accused. The Labor Department had sought a report from the District Labor Officer on the incident.

The Excise Department is also investigating whether the accused used drugs other than alcohol in the wake of a high number of complaints about the intoxication of Kitex workers.



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