Labor union of four courier companies “refusal to deliver shipments transferred from CJ Logistics strike”

The labor union of the four courier companies belonging to the National Delivery Labor Union of the Korea Federation of Trade Unions (KCTU) announced today (30th) that it will not deliver the shipments to customers transferred due to the strike of the CJ Logistics union.

The post office, Hanjin, Lotte, and Rosen headquarters of the Korea Courier Union held a press conference today in front of the CJ Logistics headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul and said, “We oppose the temporary transfer of household items by customers, which can cause the risk of overwork due to a rapid increase in volume, and refuse delivery if an actual transfer occurs. I will,” he said.

According to the union, when a strike occurs at one courier company, the quantity of the courier company’s customers is temporarily transferred to another courier company, and then returns to the original courier company after the strike is over.

The union said, “A sudden increase in shipments will result in sudden long hours of work and overwork.”

It is reported that Lotte, Hanjin, and Rosen have notified their front-line agencies of their policy not to allow temporary transfers of households.

The union asked the Postal Service Headquarters to “take the same measures as Lotte, Hanjin, and Rozen to protect the delivery workers from sudden overwork,” and to CJ Korea Express, “The problem should be resolved through dialogue with the union, not through collection restrictions.” ” asserted.

(Photo = Yonhap News)



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