LABOUM, the actual liquidation procedure? Should the members leave the agency? – Reporter Lee Eun-hye

Idol group LABOUM is known to be on a break from team activities for an indefinite period.

On the 23rd, JoyNews24 exclusively reported that LABOUM would suspend team activities indefinitely and focus on individual activities.

LABOUM members are also said to have a strong will for individual activities. As a result, it seems that the team will actually go through the process of disbanding.

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As a result, LABOUM members are expected to move their nests to new companies and continue their activities.

Earlier in August, rumors of LABOUM’s disbandment continued.

At that time, LABOUM’s agency, Interpark Music Plus, cautiously responded to Top Star News, saying, “There is no definite situation.”

Rumors about the dissolution of LABOUM started after Yanolja took over Interpark. Interpark Music Plus is a LABOUM agency, a subsidiary of Interpark. However, Yanolja was said to have no intention of running a management operation.

Idol group LABOUM officially debuted in 2014. After debut, members like Yulhee and Yoojung went through changes such as withdrawal.

Currently, LABOUM consists of 4 members: Soyeon, Jinye, Haein, and Solbin. The representative songs are ‘Imagination Plus’ and ‘Aroaro’.
Reporter Eunhye Lee

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