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Lady Chatterley’s love

Sina News Entertainment November 30, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the new version of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” starring Emma Colin and Jack O’Connell has released posters, a passionate love story.

Based on the classic novel of the same name written by David Herbert Lawrence, it tells the story of Lady Chatterley, who was born rich and wealthy, and found that she no longer loved her husband. The other party experienced trauma the First World War, which caused her feelings to be neglected and she needed companionship. Therefore, she develops a passionate relationship with Oliver, the caretaker of their family estate, discovering more lust and intimacy than she ever imagined, and falls for him with all his heart. To this end, Lady Chatterley broke all existing traditions and society’s expectations of her to seek happiness with the man she loves.

The novel has been adapted into film and TV dramas numerous times, the most recent being released in 2015. The new film will have a limited release in North America on November 23, and will be available on Netflix on December 2.

Laurie de Clermont-Tonelle (Mustang, The Despicable, Mrs. America) directs from a screenplay by David McKee (Life of Pi, Finding Neverland), with Joe Lea Richardson (“Purgery”), Ella Hunt (“Dickinson”) , Faye Marsay (“Game of Thrones”), Matthew Duckett (“Confessions”) and more star.

Duckett plays Sir Clifford Chatterley, and Richardson plays Mrs Bolton, the confident and inquisitive caretaker who, despite being responsible for looking after the head of the house, forms a bond with Lady Chatterley that breaks everything. A real bond of class rules and tradition; Hunt as Lady Flint, a kind young woman from the village who becomes Lady Chatterley’s first friend; Sister, she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover was published by the British author DH Lawrence in 1928. This was also his last novel. It was printed independently in Florence in 1928, and was not printed and distributed in England until 1960. Lawrence had considered renaming the book “Tenderness” and had significantly revised and polished the original manuscript. Three different editions of the book were published, and the explicit sexual descriptions and obscene language of the story, which was taboo at the time, drew criticism from many critics, perhaps also because the main characters of the book were working class men For the sake of relatives with bourgeois women.

The story is said to be inspired by Lawrence’s own unhappy home life and is set in Derbyshire, where Lawrence lived for a time.

It tells the story of Constance’s husband, Baron Clifford Chateler, who was injured in the First World War and was paralyzed for life. During the war, the empty and depressing life that lacked sexual joy made her sad and depressed. As a nobleman, Clifford His indifference and arrogance caused him to gradually become estranged from the heart of Constance, who was born in the middle class. Constance met a keeper, Oliver Mellors, and was attracted by his temperament and character, and fell in love with him. They hit it off, determined to overcome many difficulties and start a new life together as partners.

In 1960, when “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” was to be published in the UK, the publisher Penguin Books faced the publication censorship ruling of the newly amended “Obscene Publications Act” of 1959, which became big news in the publishing industry. about the newly enacted Obscene Publications Act, under which Penguin Books can avoid banning books by certifying their literary merit. Finally, on November 2, 1960, the results of the trial came out, and Penguin Books was found not guilty. This has greatly increased the degree of freedom of British publications.

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