Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae’s Beautiful Wedding Revealed: A Joyful Celebration of Love

Wedding of Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae Revealed

By Reporter Seunghoon Lee | July 23, 2023

Lady Jane, also known as Jeon Ji-hye, and Lim Hyun-tae’s wedding ceremony was recently unveiled through a video posted on Lee Sa-gang’s personal social media platform. Lee Sa-gang congratulated the newlyweds, describing the event as a beautiful and loving celebration.

The video captures the joyful moments of the wedding reception as Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae receive warm wishes from the guests on the Virgin Road. Lady Jane looks stunning in a pure white wedding dress, donning a joyful smile while holding a bouquet, while Lim Hyeon-tae looks dapper in a tuxedo, basking in a shower of flower petals.

The wedding ceremony, which took place on the 22nd, was an intimate affair officiated by Kim Il-jung, with Woody serenading the couple with a congratulatory song. Following the wedding, the newlyweds will embark on their honeymoon in Spain.

Lady Jane and Lim Hyeon-tae are a couple with a significant age difference of 10 years. Their relationship blossomed after seven years of dating, sparked by their encounter in 2016 through IHQ’s ‘Audition Truck’ program.

The wedding was originally scheduled for October but was postponed for three months due to Lady Jane’s father’s health issues. However, it finally took place on July 22nd. Last month, Lady Jane’s agency clarified to Star News that the decision to expedite the wedding was not due to a pre-marital pregnancy but rather a recommendation from both families.

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Reporter Seunghoon Lee | 2023.07.23 00:13

/Photo = Lee Sa-gang SNS Lady Jane (real name Jeon Ji-hye) and Lim Hyun-tae wedding scene revealed.

On the 22nd, Lee Sa-gang posted a video of Lady Jane and Lim Hyun-tae’s wedding on his personal SNS, saying, “Congratulations on our wedding Hyun-tae~ It was a very beautiful and loving wedding.”

In the video, the two are smiling brightly as they receive congratulations from the guests on Virgin Road. Lady Jane wears a pure white wedding dress and holds a bouquet with a happy smile, while Lim Hyeon-tae is showered with petals in a tuxedo.

/Photo = SNS Lee Sa-gang

On this day, the wedding was held without officiating, and Kim Il-jung was the moderator and Woody sang the congratulatory song. After the wedding, the two go on a honeymoon to Spain.

Lady Jane and Lim Hyeon-tae are a couple 10 years younger than her. The two, who emerged as a couple after seven years of dating, became lovers after meeting through the IHQ’s ‘Audition Truck’ in 2016.

In particular, the wedding of the two was originally planned for October, but there was a delay of three months due to Lady Jane’s father’s health problems and it took place on July 22nd. Last month, an official from Lady Jane’s agency also explained to Star News, “It is not a pre-marital pregnancy at all. This is because the parents of both families recommended a quick wedding date.”

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