Lady Ponce and Coco Argentée before the judge

The court of first instance of Yaoundé administrative center summoned the two artists from Bikutsi.

Lady Ponce served a direct quote to Coco Argentée. The court of first instance of Yaoundé administrative center summoned Coco Argentée to the hearing scheduled for September 19.

According to the direct quote consulted by, Lady Ponce accuses the Go Galaxy ” contempt of tribe and ethnicity, defamation, insults, spreading false news with the aim of undermining public peace ».

The case dates back to 2020. On the night of July 27 of that year, Coco Argentée made a Facebook post calling Lady Ponce “Poncefack”. She writes : ” Poncefack it’s time you and your vampires stop destroying other artists for your glory. When it’s too much…it’s ugly…A birthday is a rebirth…Ask God for forgiveness for the harm you have done to people, your fans are wilder than mine??? Stop It!! (…)».

Lady Ponce and her lawyers therefore dragged Coco Argentée to court to answer the charges. Thereafter, a committed mediation bears fruit and Lady Ponce thus decides to abandon the case by withdrawing from the court. On August 19, 2021, the court drew up the act of withdrawal. Coco Argentée then made a commitment not to start again.

Only, a release of Coco Argentée dated August 22, 2023 that has gone viral seems to have awakened the old demons. La Ponceuse complains of recidivist behavior on the part of Coco. The author of “God’s Pencil” said that ” the reasons for my fed up with Lady, I decided to come out of my silence and I assume my words ».

This is how the case finds itself once again in the court of first instance of Yaoundé administrative center. The two Bikutsi divas are summoned for September 19.


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