Lady Raiders comes to West Virginia, 75-72 Sport

Texas Tech's ladies basketball team dropped to West Virginia University, 75-72, Wednesday, February 13, in the United Supermarket Program.

The loss of staff record goes to 11-13 for the whole season and 2-11 in Big 12 play.

Lady Raiders was the guard of Sophomore, Sydney Goodson, new husband's guard Chrislyn Carr, junior of the British Brewer, senior senior Zuri Sanders and Angel Hayden Garda sophomore.

West Virginia was the first point on the board as guardian of Tynice Martin at a jersey to give the markers a 3-0 guide. The Lady Raiders came back quickly when Brewer hit a series to get Tech in the game.

Mountaineer maintained equality for the WVU in charge, until Carr's successful jumper to tie the score, 5-5. A member of the staff, Brewer, continued in Carr carways and hit another for Tech first, 7-5, and left 6:44 in the first quarter.

The Mountaineers took us ahead, but Tech fought to keep it up. The game rabbed the Lady Raiders again after driving Carr to the edge to nail slide, scoring 19-19, a little more than one minute left in the first quarter.

Tech went on the way back had fallen early in the second quarter. The Lady Raiders finished a quarter through a 6-0 run to give WVU lead to single digits, 35-39.

West Virginia was the first point to join the board with Tynice Martin at the launch of three. Tech lost at any time when Brewer hit a series to keep Tech in the game.

Goodson came out with the campaign as she continued to lead the staff to her three nails, giving the Mountaineers to one, 44-43, leaving a little about seven minutes in the third quarter.

Carr made two consecutive strands to give the Raiders Mother their first lead of the game from the first quarter, 51-50, leaving just over three minutes in the third period.

The team of the members of Hayden and Goodson made two consecutive lines to keep the momentum up for the Raiders Mother, finishing the third quarter in charge of the Mountaineers, 59-54.

The Mountaineers put two legs straight to give Lady Raiders the dominance to two, 62-60, in the early quarter. West Virginia continued with that process to tie the game with 6:40 remaining in the game.

West Virginia's defense did not take Hayden when she came back to her nail jersey, giving Tech back in command. The Sprinklers came back with three others to tie the game again.

The two teams hit out, pointing to point, until Sanders had two free throws to guide the Tech late in the game. Then Goodson hit his third third, which rises up to 72-67.

The mountaineers came back to the second to end Lady Raiders and the Lubbock win, claiming 75-72.


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