LAKA releases new ‘Love Silk Blush’ product that reflects the ‘No Mask’ trend

Laka, the first gender-neutral makeup brand in Korea, will release a new product called ‘Love Silk Blush’ on the 14th.

▲ Laka ‘Love Silk Blush’ / Photo courtesy of Laka

‘Love Silk Blush’ is a face make-up product inspired by the bright complexion that fills both cheeks when feeling the emotion of love. It is a powder that is applied with Lakaman’s proprietary blending technology, which improves color development and reduces powder dispersion, and contains fine translucent pearls to create a more transparent makeup. It contains a total of nine clear colours, from delicate pink to mysterious purple, so anyone can use it naturally regardless of gender.

This new product is a product that fits in well with the make-up trend that is prominent for creating a moist and bright skin tone during the ‘no mask’ season. An official from Laka said, “It is a product that was designed and perfected several months ago to be launched in time for the release of the mask.” It has rich color development with one touch, and it is possible to express natural and clean skin as the complexion that rises from within, so it is perfect for a natural makeup that maintains a moist base or emphasize the natural texture of the skin.

LAKA, which presents its own unique creativity in packaging design for each product, noted the fact that two heart-shaped ellipses representing love overlap as if embracing each other in this new product ‘Love Silk Blush’ presented in the design of The cover embodies the feelings of love in the form of a ‘surge’, projecting the spirit of the Laka brand with ‘people’ at its core.

In addition, LAKA, which presents both male and female looks for each product and color, presented a makeup look using female and male models for this new product.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the release of ‘Love Silk Blush’, LAKA is holding a pre-order (pre-order) event at LAKA’s official store until the 13th. After that, it will be available in selected online and offline Chicor and Olive Young beauty stores.

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