Lakers blocked unauthorized ankle surgery for Lonzo Ball

While Magic Johnson's tenure with Los Angeles Lakers will fail, it may have gone far worse, far worse than a case for Lonzo Ball.

From a piece forward Athletic since Charania's Shams were released on Friday, Johnson had to go into unauthorized surgery to stop an ankle injured Ball which was coordinated by former business partner Alan Foster and his father LaVar Ball. Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka could not function quickly because of the surgery because his surgery could have been annulled by surgery.

Then the Lakers decided to take a Ball home, said sources. This could be a devastating moment for the Lakers, and a core player could go under a procedure that the organization could set aside. But General Manager Johnson and Lakers Rob Pelinka pointed out to those around Lonzo, working with his former agent Harrison to swallow the procedure and bring him back to Los Angeles, said sources around the staff with knowledge they have the story. Gaines refused to comment when they arrived on the phone.

Not only did Johnson and Pelinka intervene in the proceedings and they helped the Lakers to face them, but they accompanied Ball later with his doctor's appointments to make sure he was back by piece.

Since the collapse, Ball is cleaning the house in his camp, changing agents, disconnecting himself with Big Baller Brand and suing Alan Foster in the last month. A Member joined the Creative Artists' Agency and should now have a wiser camp in his corner.

But even in the event that it has not ended so bad it may be, what was completely crazy. Taking into account the timelines, this could be one of the last movements made by Foster and LaVar before Lonzo broke links with both of them but he was almost moving too slowly. The Lakers could have their contract void if Ball went under the knife. B & B may have revealed the gravity of the case to a Member and knew that his team's best interest was not a memorable end.

It is a very strange turnout in a season full of Ball and the Lakers. Luckily, a Ball was not surgery and he made connections with almost all parties involved in the fiasco, at least on his side. But it adds another insanity layer to this season.

Lonzo Ball says it is very hurt by Alan Foster, Big Baller Brand


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