lalitha shobi: Lalitha Shobi with the family of the late director Shanavas – sufiyum sujatayum movie choreographer lalitha shobi visits late director shanavas naranipuzha’s family


  • Sufi and Sujatha is the first live OTD release in Malayalam
  • The film was critically acclaimed by the audience

Dance master Lalitha Shobi won the State Award for Best Choreographer this year for her dance performance to the beautiful love song “Vathukal Vellari Prav” from the film ‘Sufi and Sujatha’. What made this award even more brilliant was another decision by Lalitha Shobi. Lalitha Shobi, the director of the award-winning film ‘Sufi and Sujatha’, was the first to point the finger at the late Shanavas Naranipuzha.

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Lalitha Shobi symbolically received the award from director Shanavas’ wife Azu Shanavas and son Adam Shanavas. The film’s production controller Shibu Ji Sushilan was also present at the function.
Director Naranipuzha Shanavas has set out on a journey to make this film dream come true.

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Azu Shanavas thanked dance master Lalitha Shobi for remembering Shanavas’ family and keeping them together when she received the award for her portrayal of Shanavas. Lalitha Shobi from Chennai has said that she wants to do more movies in Malayalam. PRO – AS Dinesh.

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