Lamborghini, red label, racing the last sedan until the accident A pickup truck was overturned

forward 5 P.the. accident At the Uttaraphimuk level, on the arrival side, in front of Don Mueang Airport, the incident was found to have occurred at approx. 10.35 N. Tollway staff informed inLamborghini, red label-3337 Bangkok Collision with a registered car 1678. eg Bangkok

The mentioned caseincrashed into a Vigo pickup truck, registration plate 8 km 4612. lariat Bangkok carrying construction equipment Loses his footing and crashes into a light pole 2 It caused the lamp post to fall blocking the exit channel. There were generally minor injuries. 5 The location of the accident on the Uttaraphimuk Tollway, inbound, in front of Don Mueang Airport

incity 58 join in thanksgivinginYu revelation to JS. 100 that Before the accident, Lamborghini drove like a race with a sedan until it hit the back of the car, causing it to crash into a pickup truck. that carries construction equipment driving lost a foot on the stomach causing injuries to passengers in the pickup truck. 5 People who volunteered to join thanks are taken to hospital..Wimut Phahonyothin

Lamborghini, red label, racing the last sedan until the accident Overturning the pickup truck

inFor driving a Lamborghini as a foreigner(Can’t speak Thai, I’m Asian) uninjured

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