Lamborghini Unveils Urus Performer | 39th Thailand International Motor Expo 2022

Renazzo Motors, the only official Lamborghini car dealer in Thailand, launches the new Iconic, the latest strength of the fierce bull brand “Lamborghini Urus Performante”, a new phenomenon of ultimate performance. And experience the sporty style of driving in Super SUV style at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2022 from 1-12 December 2022 at the Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.

Francesco Scardaoni, Regional Director Asia Pacific, said: “We are proud to offer the Urus Performante to our valued customers. and the media in Bangkok Get to know the real ones up close today. The Urus Performante takes the driving performance and luxurious looks of Lamborghini SUVs to a whole new level. while still maintaining the standard of multi-use use A luxurious, comfortable and perfectly integrated driving experience that is one with the car. which is not only used on the road every day but also gives a distinctive look on every road with an extremely luxurious design that it is considered a new benchmark of performance for the automobile industry of the highest class ever

Apichat Leenutaphong, Chairman of Renazzo Motor Co, Ltd, the official Lamborghini dealer, said after Lamborghini unveiled the Lamborghini Urus Performante together worldwide 3 months ago. Today is a great opportunity for fierce bull fans in Thailand to get a closer look at the real Lamborghini Urus Performante for the first time at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2022. The Lamborghini Urus Performante is the ultimate super performance SUV for an exciting drive We are confident that this latest model will satisfy every driving experience. And definitely got a good response from Lambor guinea fans across the country.

The Urus Performante catches the eye at first glance with its airplane design from every angle. excellent front appearance with a large, sharp hood and bumper panel to clearly convey the supersport DNA in the Performante while still harmoniously hiding the elegance and grace of the Urus. In addition, the Urus Performante emphasizes’ the use of composite materials production This means that this is the car that uses the most carbon fiber in the same segment.


“The aggressive design work The distinctive and distinctive look of the Urus Performante is perfectly combined with improved aerodynamics, both complementing each other. Especially the air curtain on the front bumper panel with a new design to give a different beauty. including a lightweight carbon fiber bonnet and the use of carbon fiber materials in various parts Characteristic almost entirely of Lamborghini’s iconic Performante creations, the Urus Performante is a super-SUV in perfect harmony with the driver,” says Mitja Borkert , Director of the design department.

The Urus Performante has a design line on the bonnet that runs down to the new front bumper design. and comes with Air Blower channel, carbon fiber material, the same color as the car Customers can choose to show the carbon fiber pattern. You can also opt for a carbon-fibre roof, similar to Lamborghini’s Huracan Performante Supercars and Super Trofeo.

The front bumper panel and carbon fiber splitter have been designed with new lines that look more aggressive. The front black air duct improves engine cooling efficiency and adds to the brand’s signature supersport aggression. The new air curtain allows more air to flow towards the front wheels. And combined with the design of the air vents on the hood that improves aerodynamic Performance while keeping the engine cool The newly designed rear spoiler also increases the rear force of the Urus Performante by 38%.


A new spring design lowers the Performante’s chassis frame by 20mm and increases the wheelbase by 16mm. Carbon fiber wheel arches It can be paired with light 23″ or standard 22″ wheels with titanium bolts and Pirelli tires specially developed for this model.

The Urus Performante has been lowered to enhance its rugged look with a redesigned front bumper. and a large rear Which increases the length of the car by mm 25. The rear design is as beautiful as the front with a large spoiler. And a rear spoiler wing design made of carbon fiber material, inspired by the Aventador SVJ, increases the car’s power.

The rear bumper and diffuser are made of carbon fiber. It comes with a lightweight titanium Akrapovic exhaust as standard. It enhances the powerful, powerful sound that is unique to Lamborghini, and the sound varies depending on the selected driving mode. What’s more, using a two-tone theme further enhances the image of the Performer. from making other parts to have a different color to the car all black door handles Kevlar carbon fiber vents on the hood and lip spoiler, carbon fiber, kevlar, etc.

The interior design is standard with black Nero Cosmus hexagonal upholstery and “Per formante Trim” for the Alcantara. and interior colors You can choose the “Perfor mante Trim” style in the door. Roof lines, backrest and front seat backs As well as Lamborghini’s exclusive Ad Perso program with a choice of matt carbon fiber finishes for the interior. Ad Per sonam red door handles and door sills, a standard Alcantara steering wheel and black leather accents and matte black accents complement the cabin with a black anodized aluminum theme Peat black tone trim to cover the details of the other cabins. This includes the lever portion of the Tamboro central control panel that controls the functions of the power button. and various drive mode options The new HMI graphics display has been designed specifically for the Urus Performante.


“The Urus Performante is like a powerful, lightweight athlete. Comes with a strong shape Stunning design, V8 Twin Turbo engine and light sports exhaust. which attracts all eyes and provides the most exciting on-road experience on the playing field or even off-road, making the Urus Performante the ultimate SUV for super sports car drivers,” said the Chief Technical Officer, Ruven Moh.

The Urus Performante comes with an increased engine power of 16CV, it peaks at 666CV and reduces weight by 47 kg, resulting in the best engine weight-to-power ratio in the class at 3.2 kg/hp for an acceleration of 0-100 km/h. in just 3.3 seconds and braking from a speed of 100 km/h until the car stops at a distance of only 32.9 m The Performante Urus can reach a top speed of 306 km/h with excellent response, superior control and stability from improving efficiency aerodynamic by increasing total weight by 8%

Pirelli P Zero tires (sizes 258/40 R22 and 325/35 R22) are standard and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R is also available for the first time for the Urus family, in keeping with its SUV character. This was the result of joint development with Lamborghini. but still provides excellent performance on dry and wet surfaces

As for the Urus Performante’s navigation system, it gives the driver a new sense of oneness with the car. and more roads with responsive controls and an exciting sporting feel in every control stroke The new calibration increases contact with the road surface for precise control. and provide immediate responses. The more responsive rear wheel steering system also improves steering agility. Whether using on-road or off-road driving mode

Redesigned driving modes allow the Urus Performante driver to select the right settings for different everyday driving conditions, while Strada mode offers a luxurious driving experience. And comfortable with soft cushioning. In Sport mode, the driver will enjoy the aggressive response. The rear wheel steering system increases maneuverability at low speeds. and increase stability when using high speed And by adjusting the new suspension, it also adds fun while driving. and each gear changes The chassis setup to improve the sporty driving feel also includes the use of stiffer steel springs. and adjust the damper Improve the response to make the driver feel at one with the car.

Corsa mode in the Urus Performante meets the heat of the competition with ultimate handling performance. both stability when driving at high speed Improved turning performance with active stabilizer bars. with the most powerful sound of the sports exhaust the two drivers And everyone on the track will get to know the great Lamborghini sports car.

In addition to the standard driving modes, the Urus Performante also comes with a new Rally mode to enhance the SUV sports driving fun. and introduces a new level of adrenaline rush in off-road running. It has been enhanced with anti-roll bars and shock absorbers, which have been improved to match the performance of the springs even when running on rough and harsh surfaces, allowing you to experience a new dimension of super performance -real sporty suv mart

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