“Lamphun-Sukhothai” moved to kick at the 700th anniversary of “Amato” to invade the victory

Thai League, Lamphun Warriors – Sukhothai, moved to the 700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai Province, on the side of Dennis Amato, head coach, fire bats,” announced that they were ready to duel “Lamphun Warriors” to collect 3 points to compensate for the match already Ready to win a check on the fitness of the 2 main players back on the field

army movement “Bat Fai” Sukhothai FC, the second team in the M-150 football championship, the 2021/2022 season, the 20th match must go to visit the Lamphun Warriors, the third team that moved to kick at the 700th Anniversary Stadium. Chiang Mai, January 22, at 6:00 p.m. According to the “Thai League”, it has been announced because the Lamphun Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium (Mae Kuang), which is the home ground of the Lamphun Warriors Club, cannot be used for competition. because of the present The Stadium of Lamphun Provincial Administrative Organization (Mae Kuang) had a power failure. and needs to be improved from time to time

Recently, Dennis Amato, head coach, bats fire. Update the readiness in the big game that every game in the second leg It’s a big game for the whole team and every game needs to be focused. by games that must be visited this week Believe in the potential of the Fire Bat Army Will be able to do the work as you want.

“This game intends to collect three points away from home and bring it back to Sukhothai FC fans to compensate for the past game in the match against Trat FC where the team lost 2 points, so this game So it’s like a driving force. that the team must collect 3 points But it will not lead to pressure. Let the team lose confidence or not be themselves,” said Bat Fai head coach.

Amato added that the players also updated that the two main defenders, Piyarat Lajangriy and Parinya U-Tapao, had to check their fitness at the last minute to see if they would be named in this match or not. after having an injury But returned to the field to practice with his teammates and Marco Kassambe, an imported player from Singapore. have traveled to join the team to practice But it’s too soon to have a name to fight for Saturday’s game.



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