Lamphun Warrior always tied Nakhon Ratchasima FC 2-2 up to 13th place.

The 2nd point has been collected. Dusit Chalermsaen’s Lamphun Warriors battled Nakhon Ratchasima FC fiercely 2-2, causing the score to rise to 13 temporarily. In this way, “Coach Jar” fans are exposed, the “King Kokhao” fans have gone from the cold again.

In one stroke, Theerathep Winothai’s name has been thrown into 37 carats over a period of 19 years that has been active in the “Thai League”, there are 7 clubs that “Lesor” is associated with and scores up to 95 goals. in all the fields 304 shots

5 more goals will be 100. Who can correctly predict which team the 100th ball will occur when playing against which team? Email me to say hello first 3 correct answers Prize is sent back. It is considered “VAR” to celebrate the 100th goal of “Chao Seo”, the nephew who have seen him since he was a baby. There is no deadline for submitting answers because the first 3 correct answers are considered criteria.

It’s almost a football match, the King’s Cup, and who’s who in the “Thai War Elephant Team” has already been announced. Mano Polking must be allowed to act independently. In this event, Thai football fans are expected to at least be in the final, if wrong, no excuses will sound

this tournament You can follow each other on Thai Rath TV, where “Chang Suek Thai” will fight with “Yellow Tigers” Malaysia as the second match the day after tomorrow (September 22) at 2:30 PM.

After having an argument with Masatada Ishii, the Japanese coach of Buriram United, to the point of saying “You are not my friend” until it became a buzz. “Coach Genius” collected Prasert found, leading the team to win 4 games in a row, most recently attacked Muang Thong United 5-1 to the point of being a mess.

Concluding with the promising news after AAS Auto Service Co, Ltd was granted a royal badge of grace. Less than a month, “Ten” Thasanaphon Intharaphuwasak, granddaughter of Anusak Intharaphuwasak, led the AAS Motorsport team to compete in the Ultimate Cup Series in Germany, where the Thai national anthem sang in distant lands again.

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