“Lamyong Nong Hin Hao” reveals why she is lucky every day Tell the owner who gave lucky numbers, rich 3 times.

Entertainment random travel Country singer Molam “Lamyong, Nong Hin Hao” So I thought back to last month.September last year about the decision to sell the house The reason is that there are many houses. and want to reduce unnecessary costs This house is in Maha Sarakham city. And still have to pay installments with the bank and have to pay for various home maintenance. Because there are already 2 houses in Bangkok, but think what debt can be cut off. Confirm he is not an underdog“So I have an opportunity for the media to update their lives a bit. how come this time so many people are losing

Lam Yong said he came today to congratulate his son. “Kan Tosana” because there is intimacy Come see the efforts of this hot young singer all the time. who on the day he saw his son succeed wanted to join in congratulating and went on stage to sing He said Kan never gave up. “Kan can become famous within six years. Because I tried so hard, like my mother, it took me 20 years to become famous. Because I started making music as a singer between the ages of 19-20, it’s almost 20 years old, nothing is too late.”

But for Kan, he is grateful and thinking of everyone who has given him a chance. Or doing small good deeds, it is not surprising that Kan Tosa has today.

Lovely to see him sing Khun Phaen’s song from Luang Por Kuay. then cry we cry along I think it’s time He must be proud to have today.” It made me think of myself when many people sang her songs all over the country too.

Coming to its own story for the fans I miss you In terms of appearance, it looks beautiful and bright on the outside. So I would like to ask about the story that I heard that I was Heng every day. what’s the joke

Lam Yong told us that he was supposed to gamble his luck with numbers. but not ThaiHanoi lottery “Buy 10 baht each, 20 baht. What this means is, to be honest, the number you get is a number of incense sticks. In Ban Rai I Dao her restaurant business to ask the owner There will be a grandmother or grandpa over there. and we’re pointing”, but believe me if you post it on social media, the number will move like everyone else Lam Yong has already tried and been in the news.

So, “she said she came to the van alone at her shop in Maha Sarakham and wouldn’t answer in a Facebook chat either. Couldn’t answer, but the person in the actual shop”

But if asked, Heng three times a day from the Hanoi lottery Where did the number come from? A lot of people probably think the same thing. Lam Yong said it was a number that was close to the digit “for example, the house registration, the owner in Ban Rai. The number around the house registration and car registration and then lighting the incense Got three numbers, some days , some days, two because the Hanoi lottery is released every day. four hundred a day Because they play less, five baht a day, ten baht, play for fun, not seriously because they buy a lot of Thai lotteries.So I have to use it to pay Thailand debts.

However, Thai lottery, Laos lottery never won, but Hanoi lottery has 3 rounds a day, so you can win, but for Thai and Laos, you can tell other people’s numbers. which has one day, can light incense for 3 days. It is news for Thai and Hanoi. But “you don’t have to chat to ask for your number. They talked to each other for three days in a row, but they were not right. But who wants to get to the point The housekeeper is right,” said Lamyong .

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