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Lan Wen’s album healing new song “In Reconciliation” is online and the journey of life to reconciliation with yourself_song

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Original title: Lan Wen’s album healing new song “Disreconciliation” is online and the life journey of reconciliation with oneself

On November 24th, Wen Lan’s new album healing title song “Disharmony” was officially launched. This song was tailored by Wu Yukang for Wen Lan and arranged by Wang Dongyu/Lin Yihang. The song uses a unique perspective to cut into the reasons for being unable to reconcile oneself, setting off a tangled mentality. The whole song uses clever and life-like language to solve equations in a narrative melody, so that the inner conflict is in sharp contrast with the world.

The anthropomorphic approach used in the opening chapter of “Disharmony” uses the concept of “high heels are tired, and the heart still can’t let go”, which resonates: we are unable to reconcile with the other side of ourselves, and the happiness that floats on the surface is after all an illusion. Lan Wen uses a statically transformed voice like a butterfly into a butterfly, so that the entire song will fly in the air and land smoothly. With plasticine, you can freely change the shape of the voice, so that the whole song’s moving passages add unwilling edges and corners; let the “unreconciled” self bravely listen to the truest voice in the heart; let the soul complete it in a quiet place Self-regulation. Wake up in the early morning, bid farewell to the past, bid farewell to yesterday, bid farewell to the stumbling blocks of mixed flavors, and to welcome a bright future that belongs to oneself.

Recently, Lan Wen has successively released the songs included in the two new albums “Early High Crazy” and “In Reconciliation”. The two songs present two completely different musical styles and emotional forms, which perfectly show the songs of Wen Lan’s control. Ability. It is reported that high-quality songs with different genres in the new album will be released one after another, and the physical production of the new album is also in full swing, let us look forward to it together!Return to Sohu to see more


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