Lan Yingying’s “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” will release a new blockbuster “Emergency Rescue” ahead of schedule_TOM Star

The super-hardcore visual effects blockbuster movie “Emergency Rescue”, directed by Lin Chaoxian, produced by Liang Fengying, starring Peng Yuyan, Wang Yanlin, Xin Zhilei, and Lan Yingying, will be officially announced and released until December 18, 2020. This is another masterpiece of Director Lin Chaoxian after “Operation Red Sea” and “Operation Mekong”. There are the first two excellent and popular works for proofing. The audience is naturally full of expectations for “Emergency Rescue”.

In addition to the cooperation between old partner Peng Yuyan and Lin Chaoxian again, the female characters in Lin’s works are also a highlight. He always has a good eye and knows the essence, and photographs the heroic side of women without losing their beards. Therefore, netizens also appreciate Lin Chaoxian’s casting this time. Youjia: Both Xin Zhilei and Lan Yingying are handsome actresses with the ultimate “sassy”.

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This year’s “Sister Riding the Wind and the Waves” show was so popular that Lan Yingying also came into the audience’s sight again because of her aggressive personality and wonderful stage presentation. Her phrase “If you have a dream, don’t be afraid, just do it.” It is still cited by many graduate students for motivation.

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But in the movie “Emergency Rescue”, Lan Yingying is not the person “riding the wind and waves”.

“Emergency Rescue” is the first Chinese-language movie with the theme of rescue at sea. The film is based on real rescue incidents, showing the true image of Chinese superheroes rescuing people at sea. Judging from the information released by the film crew, Wen Shan, the family member of the rescue team played by Lan Yingying, although not a frontline rescuer, must be prepared for her husband’s sacrifice at any time. She is in front of the sea after the storm. Took a day for the husband who dedicated his life to maritime rescue.

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“Everyone has their own battlefield,” Lan Yingying once said during a road show a year ago. As the movie was about to be released in theaters in major cities across the country, the epidemic suddenly struck. This force majeure caused the 2020 Spring Festival blockbuster to withdraw and reschedule.

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During the epidemic, staff from all walks of life rushed to the battlefield to fight the epidemic and spare no effort to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. At the same time, the families of the heroes also waited silently at home, giving frontline personnel the most powerful support. I believe that after experiencing this special period, the audience can gain more resonance through Lan Yingying’s interpretation.

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It is hoped that “Emergency Rescue” can become a booster of the film market and accelerate the recovery of the industry just like “Yaibai”. On December 18th, let us walk into the theater and feel the shock and touch of “Emergency Rescue”, and pay tribute to every “Chinese superhero” who guards us and the family behind the heroes!



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