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Lange Construction Steel Daily List: Market Price Down Slightly, Transactions Generally Weak

Billet screw price difference: Taking the Beijing market as an example, on September 14, the base price of Hegang screw thread of 4,040 yuan and the billet of 3,690 yuan was 350 yuan, an increase of 30 yuan from the previous trading day.

Future basis: Taking the Hangzhou market as an example, the fundamental difference between the basic price of the Zhongtian thread at 3970 yuan and the closing price of the main thread future at 3741 yuan on September 14 was 229 yuan, an increase of 3 yuan from the previous trading day .

Current situation: On 14 September, the domestic construction steel market price fell slightly; the leading market, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Tianjin fell slightly. According to Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform monitoring data, the average price of Ф6.0mm high line in key domestic cities is 4,488 yuan, down 15 yuan from the previous trading day;RebarThe average price was 4,084 yuan, down 11 yuan from the previous trading day. As for leading cities: Beijing high-speed wire (6mm) is 4,870 yuan, down 20 yuan; the mainstream specification of three-grade rebar (25mm) is 4,090 yuan, fixed; Shanghai market fast wire is 4,460 yuan, down 50 yuan. ; three-grade rebar is 3,940 yuan, 30 yuan off.

The market opened today, and the market price dropped a bit. It is understood that the market price in Beijing is stable today, the mainstream price of the thread is 4,040 yuan, and the total shipment volume of 10 large households is 6,700 tons. Today, the mainstream resource market price of Hangzhou building materials fell, and Zhongtian Newspaper was 3970 yuan. According to Lange Steel statistics, 12 building materials traders in Hangzhou shipped a total of 6,890 tons on September 14, a decrease of 10,060 tons from the previous trading day. Affected by the typhoon, demand was suspended. The mainstream prices of the Guangzhou market remained stable today. At present, the mainstream first line resources are 4240-4250 yuan in Shaoxiang and Guangdong, 4190-4220 yuan in Liugang Wangang, and 4170-4180 yuan in Hegang Xilin. Based on the analysis above, it is expected that market conditions may vary within a narrow range on September 15.

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