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Lange futures are currently closed: Thread futures were showing a volatile advance and market demand was acceptable

A final overview of the future of black goods:November25day, thread workhorse2301 received3736. larryness eg,get up25point,get upwidth0.67%, lighten4.35ten thousand hands;Hot rollingmain force2301 received3835. larrier eg,get up31point,get upwidth0.81%,reducewarehouse1.94ten thousand hands;iron oreThe main power of stone2301 received758.0,get up24.0point,increase3.27reducewarehouse0.15ten thousand hands;cokemain force2301 received2806.0,get up52.5point,get upwidth1.91increasewarehouse0.14Ten thousand hands.

[Dwy adran: gwella cynhwysydd Afon Yangtze, mwyn haearn, glo a systemau cludo porthladdoedd teithwyr a chargo mawr eraill]The Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the printing and distribution of the “Yangtze River Back Port Plan and Port Coastal Protection and Utilization Plan”, which is mentioned to speed up the process of improving the efficiency of the port transportation system along the river, strengthen the radiation effect and drive the hub of the port, and improve the main passenger and cargo port transportation systems such as the Yangtze River container, iron ore, coal, commercial vehicle ro-ro, and passenger and tourist transportation. Vigorously develop river-ocean combined transport and rail-water combined transport, promote the reduction of distance and quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, save energy and reduce carbon, and create a new pattern of Yangtze River shipping crossing from the east to the west, connecting vertically. north-south, and reaches the world. Encourage old wharves to leave and restore green shorelines, strictly review the use of port shorelines for new projects, and strictly prohibit construction without approval, occupying large and small buildings.

According to Lange Steel Network statistics,November25ShanghaiTotal shipments from 11 building materials traders17416. insidious andtonnes, compared to the previous trading dayIncrease7484. larrier egtons, needAsk for it.hangzhouThe 12 building materials traders shipped a total of 23,700 tons, an increase of 6,850 tons from the previous trading day, and the demand is acceptable.Guangzhou Market, ShaogangStablethe current mainstream price of first-line resources: Shaoxiang, Guangdong3990-4010, Liugang Wangang 3940-3980, Hegang Xilin 3930-3940, the market is expected to continue in the next trading dayShock trend.

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