Lansing bean Generates Keno's 3 prize in 1 day


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Melissa Rorech,

Talk about lucky day.

Recently, the Lansing woman won the great Michigan Lottery prize on the same day and worth just $ 250,000.

The 42-year-old lady, who chose anonymous stay, won the three Keno's three prizes for the same drawing.

On one ticket, she matched 10 of the 22 numbers drawn February 5 to win a prize of $ 250,000. The winning numbers were 07-11-40-66-71-74-76-78-79-80.

The Lansing woman Keno ticket wins $ 250,000 in February. (Photo: Michigan Lottery)

The numbers she chose were a birthday and random numbers combination, she told the Michigan Lottery.

"I play my KENO! Numbers every day and I was ready to give up, but I decided to buy some other tickets," she said with the Michigan Lottery. "My cousin asked me the next day to tell me that someone in Lansing was victorious on KENO! So I decided to check the winning numbers on the lottery. When I saw the winning numbers I know them immediately and I knew I was a winner. "

In order to get lucky enough, she won two $ 2,500 prizes in the same drawing after celebrating nine more than two other tickets.

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"I lost $ 750,000 payday with only two numbers!" she told Michigan Lottery.

He intends to use the money to treat a bit, but save most of it, according to Michigan Lottery.

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