Lansing man raped, violated more than 2 dozen women

Lansing man raped, violated more than 2 dozen women

LANSING – A Lansing man who raped and stabbed a woman in her house last year, who has lost her eye, must spend more than thirty years in prison.

Samuel Bush (Photo: Courtesy of Ingham County Jail)

Samuel Bush, 21, pleaded guilty in April to four causes of felony, including attempted murder, in relation to the March 24, 2018 attack.

On Wednesday, County Circuit Judge Ingham Joyce Draganchuk sentenced 37 to 60 years of sexual behavior of the first step and 35 to 60 years of assault with intent to murder, shows court records. Bush got 12 to 20 years of home attempt to attack the first phase and attacked 6 to 10 years with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The sentences will run concurrently.

Last year, the victim gave evidence in a preliminary hearing that she had a glass break during the early morning hours and subsequently she got Bush in her house, she was detached and had a butcher's knife.

Bush put her hand over her mouth, pulled her into her bedroom, she cut her to the floor and she said to her, "but let me do what I want," she said.

He stripped her clothes and made her sexually assaulted, the woman said. Afterwards she tried to run out of the room, but Bush caught her and began to push her in the face, and she gave her evidence.

Prosecutors said he had infringed more than two dozen times, asking why she would only die.

The woman said she had lost the sense for a while but eventually put the screen from a window and crawled to the road, asking for help.

Prosecutors described the case as one of the most disturbing cases.

The woman did not furnish a victim impact statement during the sentence, but prosecutors said she had difficulty sleeping and family members were afraid to put her up in a yard box more than once.

Draganchuk said that in the absence of drugs, alcohol or other possible factors, only one possible reason was left to her: evil.

Bush initially had eight, but four were dismissed by the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office in exchange for Bush's plea of ​​guilty, showing court records.

He will get a 445 day credit for the time he served in prison.

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