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Under the three-year epidemic situation, the laptops used to accompany everyone on business and work trips can only obediently stay at home. When the laptop is connected to the charger for a long time, have you ever noticed that the laptop battery has broken and needs to be replaced? Recently, Microsoft has given Surface laptop users some charging tips, which also have a positive effect on extending the life of your laptop.

According to Microsoft, if it is not necessary, do not connect the laptop to the charger for a long time. The best way to use it is to try to maintain the power of the laptop between 20% and 80%, which will make the maximum battery life and performance.

On the other hand, Microsoft also emphasizes that it is not suitable to charge the laptop when the internal temperature of the laptop is very hot or the temperature of the external environment is very hot. If you stop using the laptop for a period of time, it is best to keep the power at 50%. Finally, if the battery has swollen and deformed the body, stop using it and replace the battery immediately.

In my opinion, these charging tips are easy to say, but very difficult to implement. If you want the laptop battery to be more durable, it is better for the manufacturer to add a power management chip in the machine, so that even if the user connects to the charger for a long time, the power can be maintained around 80 % for a long time.

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