Large Rhino-Sized Tortoise Found in Spain Is One of the Largest in Earth’s History

Researchers have now found the remains of one of the largest turtles to ever live in the history of the earth from Spain. Fossils show that these turtles, which lived between 83 million and 72 million years ago, were about 4 meters long. The body size of the turtles was determined by measuring the size of their pelvis.

Archelon sea turtles are currently considered to be the largest species of sea turtle in the world. Fossil records say they lived up to 66 million years ago. The pelvis of this new species is similar in size to the pelvis found in archaeal fossils. Therefore, the researchers say it should not be surprising if the new turtle species beats the Archelon turtles in size as more evidence comes to light.

Leviathanocheles enigmatica

The first part of the big turtle’s name is derived from the biblical sea monster Leviathan. The second part, enigmatica, is borrowed from the Greek word enigma, which means giant. The researchers’ surprise when measuring their fossils led to the idea that these creatures could be a new species. In later studies, the researchers were convinced that this assumption was correct.

The researchers found the fossils of these creatures from the Cal Torrados region in northeastern France. These fossils have been lurking in the area for around 80 million years. Archelon turtles lived in the Cretaceous period, around 60 million years ago. The period of 80 million years ago which is considered the age of new turtles is called the Campanian period.

Hip bone with many features

What distinguishes these creatures from other sea turtles ever found on Earth is their pelvis and surrounding areas. Based on the examination of the thigh bones, the researchers are confident that these new ammofossils belong to different species of turtle. The researchers also learned from these fossils that Leviathanocheles turtles had a very unique breathing process.

Leviathanochelis turtles are the largest species of turtle found in Europe today. Although the size is not so large, large tortoises have been found on the American continents before. But these turtles are all giant turtles that have appeared in many parts of the world at the same time. Before their formation, the earth’s continents were separated. Therefore, the researchers have now come to the conclusion that giant creatures could have been unique to the earth at that time.

English Summary: Tortoise A Large Tortoise The Size Of A Rhino In Spain Is One Of The Largest In The History Of The Earth

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