Larian Studios reports on the current status of the development of the Xbox version of “Baldur’s Gate III”, technical problems occur « doope!

The other day, PlayStation compatibility was announced in Japan and abroad, and the long-awaited product launch of the latest popular RPG series “Baldur’s Gate III” was decided on August 31, 2023, but the Xbox Series X | Larian Studios has released a new statement while attention is focused on presence or absence. It has been revealed that the Xbox version has been in development for some time.

According to Larian Studios community manager Molly Carroll, there were technical issues with the split-screen co-op during the development of the Xbox version, and it was not at the time when an announcement could be made including the release date and response.

Larian Studios has explained that there will be no platform selectivity that would prevent the release of Baldur’s Gate III for Xbox, and to avoid disappointed fans, the studio will not release the game until it meets the standards and expectations of the studio I explain.

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