“Last in save rate”…Will Korean goalkeeper Kim Seung-kyu, said to be the worst ever, switch to ‘Cho Hyun-woo’?

In the World Cup match held on November 28, 2022, the difference between Korea and Ghana is 22-7. Korea had 7 out of 22 shots on target, and Ghana had 3 out of 7 shots on target.

But in the match, Korea lost 2-3. All three of Ghana’s shots on target turned into goals, while South Korea scored two of seven shots on target. the game is over The expected rating (xG) published by Sky Sports is 1.98 for Korea and 1.75 for Ghana.. It was a game Korea should have won.

If he only blocked one of his three shots on target, the result of the game would have been different. Goalkeeper of the day Ghana While Lawrence Artigigi recorded 4 saves, Kim Seung-kyu, who started as the Korean goalkeeper, finished the game without a save.

Kim Seung-gyu, had the lowest save rate

Diogo Costa/Artigigi/Sergio Rochette/Kim Seung-kyu

November 24, 2022 28 days following the match against Uruguay Kim Seung-kyu, who started the match against Ghana, had the lowest save rate in the second round of the 2022 World Cup with a save rate of 25%..

In the same group, Sergio Rochet (Uruguay) has 33.3%, Artigigi (Ghana) has 54.5%, and Diogo Costa (Portugal), who faces Korea in the final round of the group stage, has 66.7%.

South Korea drew 0-0 with Uruguay and lost 2-3 to Ghana, making it difficult for Korea to advance to the round of 16 with 1 draw and 1 loss. Portugal must win in the third round of the group stage, and the results of the match against Uruguay and Ghana will decide whether they progress to the round of 16 or not.

Coincidentally, Portugal are a more attacking team than Ghana and Uruguay in this tournament. 3 goals against Ghana and 2 goals against Uruguay. The expected goals from 2 games is 3.3 goals, which is 9th among the participating countries. It is almost 1 goal more than Korea, which is 2.4 goals.

In particular, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez are players who can boldly make effective shots even from long distances.

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The reason why Kim Seung-kyu is the main goalkeeper of the national team is because his accumulation ability is more highly regarded than the second goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo. However, officials in the football world say that Cho Hyun-woo is not pushed so much by the save rate and stability of the goal.

Cho Hyun-woo in 2018 Memories of being hailed as a hero and playing an active role as the main goalkeeper of the World Cup in Russia, especially in the final match against Germany in the group stage, he blocked Germany’s attacking wave with a save and destroy show’ r tank corps.there are

Bento Tactic ‘build football’


There are many people who are confused by the coach Paulo Bento insisting that goalkeeper Kim Seung-kyu over such goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo, but the biggest reason is that Bento pursues ‘Building football’ because.

Coach Bento has pursued build-up football, which creates attacking opportunities based on a lot of activity and passing, instead of the strategy of focusing on defense and then aiming for the counter-attack, which Korea has been using . In particular, Bento emphasizes building up from the back, starting with our goal post and developing an attack.

To do this, the keeper As well as the ability to save, foot skills are also required.There are. For this reason, Kim Seung-gyu, who has relatively good footwork, played an active role as the main goalkeeper under Bento’s training system.

online community
online community

this flow Not only in Korea, but also all over the worldIt is also. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who is considered a world-renowned manager, is also a representative manager who appreciates the goalkeeper’s feet.

In real life, after taking up his job at Manchester City in 2016, Guardiola has excelled at the club and in England with his excellent save skills. Instead of Joe Hart, who is the main goalkeeper of the national team, Claudio Bravo, who has excellent footwork and excellent construction skills, was brought in from Barcelona and appointed.I did it.

It was an unconventional decision, as Joe Hart was the ‘heart’ of Manchester City at the time. That means a goalkeeper’s footwork is key to tactics.

Kim Seung-gyu, who had good defensive skills

AP Newsis
AP Newsis

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Kim Seung-kyu is less able to save. Since his debut, Kim Seung-kyu has been known as a goalkeeper with good save skills.I did it. It is also considered a strength to be able to defend a penalty at the highest level in the country.

Having gone through the national team by age and making his A-game debut in 2013, he is also rich in experience, having played 69 games, including yesterday’s game. In the first place, until 2018, when Jo Hyun-woo appeared as Shin Tae-yong-ho’s ‘surprise star’, Kim Seung-gyu was also the national team’s main goalkeeper.

In terms of actual records, Kim Seung-gyu has been better than Cho Hyeon-woo over the past four years. After taking over as Bento coach in August 2018, Kim Seung-gyu played in 34 A games and allowed 16 goals. There were 23 scoreless games.

0.47 goals conceded per game. The unscored percentage is as high as 67%. This is better than Jo Hyun-woo, who scored 16 goals in 13 A games and recorded 4 shutouts in the same period, giving up 1.23 goals per game and 30% shutouts.

Expectations are high on which goalkeeper will be the first in the match between Korea and Portugal on December 3, 2022 at 00:00.


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