“Last LINE” with Yusuke Kinoshita Tears shed in the deceased … A year of loss that Kyoda overcomes | Full-Count

A close friend who goes out with the whole family “I say I’m on good terms, or it’s too good”

Faced with the gentle laughing remains, the overflowing tears cannot be suppressed. “When I look at my face, it’s no good.” It’s been four months since the sudden news. Yota Kyoda infielder of Chunichi was slowly trying to accept the reality. The wind that pierces the skin heralds the arrival of full-scale winter in Osaka in December. I visited Yusuke Kinoshita’s house and gently put my hands on the altar.[Ryo Konishi]

How much did you spend the same time? Synchronized joining in 2017. The wavelength matched naturally with the right arm, which was one year older than me, who laughed vigorously. Daily meals, fishing nearby, Disney Resort. I went to various places in both houses. A best friend rather than a comrade. It was a rare bond in the professional world.

On the ground, the uniform number 98 is thrown in with a sense of dynamism. In 2021, his fifth year as a professional, he continued to make good pitches from the open game and was trying to find a place in the 1st army. “I was throwing an insanely good ball.” The back that Kyoda saw from the game became more and more reliable, and the face that took the out and looked back was lively. I never thought that I would be in agony in an instant.

March 21st, open match with Nippon Ham. Immediately after pitching in the 8th inning and taking 2 deaths, the home base was in a turmoil. The moment you throw it, it comes off the mound and crouches. It was a dislocation of the right shoulder.

Even if surgery is done, a recurrence may not be promised. The decision to bet the player’s life. Approximately 3 weeks later, a scalpel was placed on the shoulder in combination with the right elbow medial collateral ligament reconstruction (Tommy John surgery).

At least one year before returning. I didn’t feel sad when I was heading for a long rehabilitation life. So Kyoda is still unbelievable. It was a hot and humid day in July when Mr. Kinoshita, who was undergoing rehabilitation at Nagoya Baseball Stadium, was informed that he was unconscious and was transported by emergency.

The condition I hear from the team is not good. “Even if it’s impossible to continue playing baseball, you should be able to meet in good spirits.” I wasn’t optimistic. The day before the sudden change, the LINE we exchanged was as usual.

Mr. Kinoshita who seemed happy to “wear gacha” with two pairs of sneakers of different colors



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