“Laughing people”… BJ Gamst’s words from’Chroma Key Accident’ re-viewing-Reporter Lee Eun-hye

[이은혜 기자] African TV BJ Gamst (real name Kim In-jik) mentioned it again after being hit by the chroma key. After the accident, Gamst surprised many, including the news of a concussion.

After work, BJ Gamst posted a video titled’Gamst Chroma Key Accident Video Concussion Almost No. 1 Actual Exam..’

The released video includes a chroma key accident and a scene sharing the contents of a concussion decision after the accident. In particular, after returning to the broadcast, Gamst drew attention by including the scene of revisiting his chroma key accident video.

Gamst YouTube

Gamst revisited the video at the time of the accident, “I measured it, but it weighed 13kg. It was almost a big deal. Actually, it was really painful at this time. But since you watched it so well, I ended the broadcast with a smile, but I thought my head would break.”

“But I think this way. I don’t resent any of the people who laughed here. Because, even when I see it, it was really funny. Honestly, it was really funny. I don’t resent it because it’s funny.”

After the video was published, netizens said, “I’m still sorry for laughing”, “I’m glad I didn’t really get hurt”, “I was worried about brain bleeding”, “All real star accidents happen”, “Even if you didn’t expect a real accident. There are various reactions, such as “woke up at a moment when I couldn’t.”

Gamst, who is active as an African TV BJ, recently suffered an accident when the chroma key installed while broadcasting a game was falling. Gamst was diagnosed with a concussion in this accident.



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