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KKBOX, the most influential audio community brand in Asia, launched the annual review KKBOX REWIND 2022 today (1) Super power monsters and situational playlists show personalized features, so that more listeners who love music and podcasts can participate in the fun, and explore their own characteristics and unique charm.

The trend of focusing on music is established, and the annual review explores personal changes

Fueled by the popularity of music streaming and social media, the channels for people to access music and audio content are more immediate and diverse, and the trend towards audience segmentation is becoming increasingly apparent. KKBOX not only actively manages content and develops functions, but also continues to improve the recommendation mechanism, song list and edited playlist in response to changes in listening trends, so that it can listeners learn more new sounds and listen to music from around the world at any time.

According to KKBOX’s observations of the listening data of tens of millions of users, the average number of listeners per person per week and the number of unique songs have doubled in the past ten years, and the listening time has also continued to rise;;Users ‘ music listening tastes are no longer focused solely on front-line singers, and the total listening of the Top 100 singers has accounted for a non-overwhelming majority, reflecting that listening behavior and consumer preferences are becoming increasingly diverse and focused. on music.

Ye Zhanyun, Vice President of KKBOX Business Development Center said: “We found from the listening data that people’s music preferences are becoming more and more diverse. Not only are the time points for listening to music more extensive than expected, but the types of music they listen to in different periods are also very diverse. We strive to ensure that voices of all types are heard, and hope to connect with users through music and audio content, and being able to accompany everyone in any situation. This year’s annual review will be the meaning behind listening behavior “Super Energy Liberation”, and I hope to go with you to explore and connect Self different than sharing.”

In reviewing the personal listening process, the psychological superpower test reveals the unique self

This year’s KKBOX annual review focuses on “Super Energy Liberation” It not only summarizes the listening path in 2022, but also accompanies users to further explore more personal listening changes in the post-pandemic era, and even Top 1 song changes and other hidden data in recent years, feel how the “super energy core” changes through each listening choice, and gradually develop into “super power”, discovering the uniqueness of self-change of the different concrete experience.

In the annual review activity, in addition to analyzing a variety of data and launching the “Listening Review” to help users explore personal listening changes, this year KKBOX also created a new “Super Power Psychological Test” for more listeners who love music. personal characteristics hidden behind the selection, the test results are matched with super power monsters and situational playlists, and can also be shared on social platforms to have fun with everyone and show a unique charm .

The two annual KKBOX review activities will officially start from now The event period will end on January 16, 2023. KKBOX users only need to log in to the mobile app and click on the entry “Super Energy Liberation” on the “Discovery” You can explore your personal annual listening review, and it is recommended to update the App to the latest version to enjoy the best experience.

The superpower psychological test ( launched at the same time as the event is not limited to the user’s identity. All music loving listeners are welcome to participate with their each other. After completing the designated tasks, you will have the opportunity to enjoy two limited discounts:

  • KKBOX’s first three months of free listening: Newly registered users, trial users or expired trial users who complete the KKBOX superpower psychological test during the event period will have a chance to get a special link for a time plan KKBOX limited. After completing the payment, you can enjoy standard sound quality The first three months are free to listen to, and the original price will be NT$149 per month from the fourth month onwards. For details, please refer to the event description on the Facebook fan page (https:// /
  • KKBOX x Yahoo Kimo Shopping Center limited offer: KKBOX and Yahoo Kimo Shopping Center collaborated for the first time to launch a limited promotional activity “KKBOX Super Liberation Listening Review Event x Yahoo Kimo Shopping Center 1212 Golden Tiger Award”. From now until December 12th, anyone who participates in the KKBOX superpower psychological test and completes the designated tasks will have a chance to grab a 200 yuan discount coupon. If you complete the KKBOX Facebook community task with more money , you will also have the opportunity to participate in the shopping gold lucky draw 1212. Details Please refer to the Facebook fan page event description (

Song lengths are getting shorter, movies and dramas are driving on-demand listening, and podcast playback is growing Great review of the three big trend highlights

As well as reflecting the continued variety of music choices, consumer listening behavior also notices that music fans struggle to concentrate for long periods of time in the fragmentation phase, whether the length of the song or the presentation too long, it will affect the willingness to continue listening, and it also has a specific effect on the music making environment.

According to KKBOX data, the length of popular songs around the world is becoming a new trend. Taking Chinese songs as an example, the average song length in 2005 will be shortened from 245 seconds to 166 seconds in 2022. In 2022, the length of the song new Chinese songs will be more than three minutes There are quite a few hit songs that are less than 3 minutes long. Not only that, in order to catch the audience’s ears in the vast sea of ​​songs, “the first 30 seconds of the song” is also the key to victory, and shortening the introduction “sing within 3 seconds” has also becoming a new phenomenon in the new generation of songs.

In addition, 2022 will also continue last year’s hit film and TV drama songs to drive click-to-listen trends. For example, the fourth season of the American drama “Stranger Things” used Kate Bush’s 1985 single “Running Up That Hill ( A).Deal With God)”, played in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The growth rate of almost a thousand times is quite astonishing; the Hollywood film “Defender: The Lone Ranger” also drives the soundtrack songs on demand, including Lady Gaga’s “Dal Fy Llaw” and “I don’t care” by OneRepublic. It also includes the ending song “It’s Not Easy” from the Taiwanese TV series “The First Blossom” and the theme song “I Want to Know What You’re Think” from the movie “I Ate That Boy’s Breakfast for and Full Year”, both entered the top five in the Chinese annual cumulative list; Japan Popular works such as the animations “Demon Slayer: Blade”, “Spell Return”, “Spy House Wine”, “Party Cafe Kongming”, “Chain Saw Man ” and other highly popular works have also had an effect to drive the excellent performance of related songs according to demand.

Podcasts also performed impressively. In 2022, the total number of KKBOX Podcasts played will exceed 20 million, and the number of unique downloads will increase by 85%. It reflects that the audience’s demand for relaxation and spiritual growth content is still strong in the post – epidemic life. In the first half of 2022, KKBOX and Firstory, a podcast hosting platform, jointly launched the “DAI Dynamic Ad Insertion Function” Put synergy.

As KKBOX is about to reach its 20th anniversary, more information about exciting events will be released in the future, and we will continue to accompany you to experience every wonderful moment, so stay tuned!

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