Launch of vivo X80 Series 5G, the latest flagship smartphone in Thailand

With the concept of Cinematics. Redefined. Open a new definition of professional video shooting. with technology from ZEISS at a starting price of 29,999 baht

vivo X80
  • vivo announces the launch of vivo X80 Series 5G, the latest flagship smartphone in the official X Series line-up Outstanding professional video shooting features with world-class lenses developed in collaboration with ZEISS.
  • Appeal to video content creators with professional features ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh, Professional Portrait and Superb Night Camera
  • Experience superior photography with image processing chip vivo V1+ developed by vivo
  • Prepare to be released 2 models, vivo X80 5G at a price of 29,999 baht and vivo X80 Pro 5G at a price of 39,999 baht

vivo, the world’s leading smartphone brand launch announcement vivo X80 Series 5G The latest flagship smartphone from the official X Series line-up in Thailand. to enhance the professional video shooting experience for users Comes with world-class camera lens technology that cooperates with ZEISS Developed to create the ultimate smartphone photography and video experience. paired with a pro-level image processing chip developed by vivo like a chip alive V1+ Including the latest technology to enhance the quality of photos and videos on smartphones to be better than ever. with a powerful, fast device specification that delivers the best experience for vivo X80 Series 5G users, available in both models X80 5G Prepare to be sold at a price 29,999 baht and X80 Pro 5G at a price of 39,999 baht

Provides a premium smartphone photography experience.

The vivo X80 Series 5G smartphone combines the best image processing features from the software and hardware developed from the previous X Series, while maintaining the flagship features of photography and videography. hold Providing users with an amazing professional photography and video experience. Both the vivo X80 Series 5G’s front-facing cameras have a resolution of 32MP, while the rear of the X80 Pro 5G uses a quad-camera setup, a 50MP main camera with an Ultra-Sensing GNV sensor and Gimbal Stabilization. There’s a 48MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP portrait camera, and an 8MP periscope camera, while the X80 5G uses a triple camera system, a 50MP main camera with an ultra-sensing sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. and a 12MP Portrait Camera

In addition to the development of the camera lens system on vivo X80 Series 5G, to deliver a premium photography and video experience with technology, vivo X80 Series 5G also comes with an image processing chip developed by vivo named live v1+ This is a chip developed with a built-in AI system for professional image enhancement. The X80 Pro also features AI Video Enhancement to help the device automatically switch between HDR video and Night mode.

Professional photography and motion picture technology developed in collaboration with ZEISS

The vivo X80 Series 5G is a testament to our commitment and determination to develop technology for professional photography and videography on smartphones. It also demonstrates the ongoing partnership between vivo and the world’s leading camera lens manufacturer, ZEISS, to deliver a cutting-edge experience in photography and video technology. To help consumers capture valuable moments in all angles.

The vivo X80 Series 5G has developed a video recording technology on a smartphone from ZEISS in a feature called ‘ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh’ It helps to make the captured video wider like the effect of an anamorphic lens in 2.39:1 aspect ratio, allowing users to capture beautiful and realistic videos. and the perspective presented is like taking a movie Comes with a feature for shooting ZEISS Superb Portrait that has added new features like ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh that helps to create a flare effect for photos to make the image look like a film on a movie screen ZEISS Superb Night Camera by adding new and improved features such as Pure Night View That allows vivo X80 Series 5G to capture nightscapes that are sharp and realistic.

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Flagship-level performance

With vivo’s advanced technology to improve the performance of photography and video on smartphones, vivo X80 Series 5G is designed to have a powerful internal specification. Ready to meet the needs of efficient use in all aspects, vivo X80 Pro 5G is powered by the power of the chipset. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 while the X80 5G is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Delivering the ultimate CPU and GPU computing performance, these two processors provide users with the most efficient 5G connectivity in their daily lives, while also being more energy efficient than the previous X Series. It is also enhanced with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS3.1 internal memory (ROM), increasing the stability of use and increasing the internal storage capacity of the device even more.

In addition, the X80 Pro 5G comes withbatterysize 4700mAh and the X80 5G comes with a battery. 4500 mAh support FlashCharge 80W The X80 Pro 5G is enhanced with 50W Wireless FlashCharge support, allowing users to fully enjoy all-day activities. Both models are equipped with a 6.78-inch display, level resolution. 2K WQHD with the highest refresh rate at 120Hz for smoother use than ever

The new design feels like a professional camera.

vivoX80 series 4vivoX80 series 4

From the determination to develop vivo X80 Series 5G as a flagship smartphone that will create the ultimate mobile photography and video experience. The shape of the X80 Series 5G smartphone is completely different from the previous X Series. Inspired by professional cameras rectangular shape And the main camera is arranged in a large circular sphere on the back to reflect the concept of professional photography and video on smartphones. In addition, the material of the machine is a metal frame. The glass back cover is coated with Fluorite AG technology, giving the user a premium touch.

vivo X80 Pro 5G official pricevivo X80 Pro 5G official price

by vivo X80 Pro 5G and X80 5G Available in colors Cosmic Black and Urban Blue Cosmic Black is inspired by the night sky and the power of the universe. using black as a symbol of the greatness of the universe It is complemented by silver glitter that resembles the stars in the dark night sky, while Urban Blue draws inspiration from the soft blue of the sea away from the hustle and bustle of city life. to feel calm relax and aesthetic

live X80 Series 5G Both models will be officially released together inFriday at 27 May 2565 by vivo X80 Pro 5G sold at a price 39,999 baht and vivo X80 5G sold at a price 29,999 baht
on vivo Brand Shop All branches, leading dealers BaNANA, IT City, CSC, Jaymart, TG FONE, KINGKONG, BKK, Singer, Big C, Maxlink, Power Mall, Stamp and Advice and network service providers AIS, True, Dtac including vivo Official Store on both leading online stores LAZADA, Shopee, JD Central and Thisshop

And to reinforce its leadership in global smartphone innovation that is ready to deliver the best experience for users around the world, this year vivo continues to be the official partner of the global football competition. That sports fans have been looking forward to like the second FIFA World Cup from 2018 until the latest. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 at the end of this year To deliver inspiration to football fans of all genders, ages and races and to connect vivo fans around the world together, vivo has become a smartphone brand used by FIFA officials as a smart phone. Official main phone (Official Smartphone) throughout the competition since 2017

In addition, vivo Thailand is also preparing to release the first short film. The Final Escape – fire escape’ Taken with a smartphone vivo X80 Series 5G, the whole story by the famous director Golf – Paween Phurichitpanya and got a leading male actor in Thailand Boy-Pakorn Chatborirak to be the lead actor in the story as well by vivo will have the aforementioned short film on the screen of the cinema Imax Paragon Cineplex for the first time on the job The Final Escape Gala Premiere Wednesday 25 May 2565 this including on vivo Thailand’s Facebook and YouTube channels on friday 3 June 2565 this

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