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Launched “Yuri” the mysterious red bow girl New Main Character from New Kid Season 2 (Girl From Nowhere Season 2)

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May 10, 2021 – 10:55

Series New kid season 2 (Girl From Nowhere Season 2) It premiered on Netflix on May 7, with great response waiting.

And this season As has been implied That there was something that surprised the audience. Yuri’s appearance

After having had many speculations that Yuri Red bow Who are you and how important is it to the story line? The truth was finally revealed that Yuri is the new main character. Who came to strengthen the team to make the new boys Season 2 more intense When Nanno was not the only one with a mysterious power. But Yuri had this power as well. And her coming Is like a challenge to Nanno’s power in him

Let’s get to know Yuri, a new mysterious woman better.

  1. Yuri, played by Ningchaya McClory

A talented actress who has been credited with her impressive performances from Deng and The Deadline, etc., no matter what character she plays. She was able to portray it realistically, especially the episodic character from The Deadline, which earned her the Best Actress Award at the 24th Asian Television Awards (24th Asian Television Awards). Grand prize For the Asian television industry

And this time she plays “Yuri”, a new mysterious girl in the new kid season 2, who will help Nanno drive the story of punishment and retrieve. In a society where justice and karma This is not always the case.

  1. Always appearing with a red ribbon.

If Nanno has a short, shoulder bob hairstyle that will be remembered Yuri is also unique as a red bow. Which is her favorite color and becomes her personal color Not only did she tie them up every time she appeared. Sometimes she uses a red ribbon to represent her. Red that could mean power Desires, crying, vengeance, or maybe blood !!

  1. She was a real victim before.
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Although Yuri and Nanno have mystical powers that allow her to hold other people’s fates as well. And they use that power for their intended purpose. But one of the differences between Nanno and Yuri is that Yuri was a victim before. She understands what the victim has to face. Therefore, Yuri’s method of using power has a different form from Nanno.

  1. Follow Nanno is like a shadow.

Regardless of which school Nanno moves to Yuri will move along to be the new kid there too. And every time you move along She will always keep an eye on Nanno’s behavior. Sometimes to imitate Sometimes it’s just irritating And many times, she is learning what Nanno is doing.

  1. Know Nanno’s weaknesses.

From Yuri’s constant follow-up and study of Nanno Let you know what is Nanno’s weakness This made her feel that she held the cards superior.

Regardless, Yuri was actually a rival or ally with Nanno. But when two powers of judgment meet Open this new term Will be more intense and gratifying than before

Follow the story of the highest concentration. Of the time of retrieval in New kid season 2 (Girl From Nowhere Season 2) Netflix’s work with GMM Studios International. Only available today on Netflix.

Series information

Title: New Kid Season 2 (Girl From Nowhere Season 2)

Number of episodes: 8 episodes, each 45 minutes long

broadcast: May 7, 2021

The performer: Kitty Chicha Amatayakun, Ningchanya Macclory, Thiradan Suphaphanpinyo, Sadanon Durongkaveroj, Penpak Sirikul, Patricia Good, Thasorn Klinniam, Apichaya Panichtrakul, Phumiphat Thavornsiri, Phatra Warin Thimkul, Chutima Teepanat, Phanthira Phiphitiyakon, Yarinda Bunnag and Ploy Sornarin

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Director: Phairat Khumwan (new kid, Siam Square), Komkrit Triwimon (new kid, close friend, spy to catch a small house), Sittisiri Mongkonsiri (new kid, Saeng Krasue), Paween Phurichitpanya (four crosses, body Funeral # 19), Surawut Tungkarak, Chatupong Roong Ruangdejapat (New boy, detain stories)

Screenwriter: Kongdej Chaturantrasamee, Athicha Tanthanawikrai and Tinpat Bengpiyapot

Production Director: Ekachai Ukrongtham

Producer: Netflix, along with GMM Studios International and Sauer Bangkok

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