Launches spring counter-offensive campaign in Ukraine | around the world DAILY | 28 March. ’23 : PPTVHD36

In the coming weeks, many European countries, including Ukraine, will enter the spring as many fronts in the war on Ukraine tend to heat up. After Ukraine announced that it will launch counterattack operations and recapture territory occupied by Russia in the so-called Sping Offensive, or Spring Counterattack. But for Ukraine to do this operation The leader of Ukraine insists that there must be enough Western support. Do now allied nations began to send weapons gradually Including the battle tank Leopard 2 which is believed to change the direction of this war. # AROUND THE WORLD DAILY #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website. and Social Media channels Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : pptvhd36 / LINE LOAD : TikTok :

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The Ukrainian spring counterattack campaign was launched.


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