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Launching a new movie “Kla Dream.. Rob Sanan Muang” “Kao-Jirayu” vs “Wawa Wa”

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October 31, 2021 – 14:20

“Neramit Nang Film” together with “Baan Rik” organized a ceremony to launch the project ” “Dare to dream.. rob Sanan Muang” “Kao-Jirayu” vs “Wawa Wa” in Thai action movie with a budget of over 100 million baht!!

Prepare to meet the important phenomenon of the Thai film industry, the collaboration of Khun Kanokwan Watchara, Managing Director of Neramit Ngam Film Company Limited and Khun Suthep Jabsee, Big Boss, Ban Rik Company Limited, organized a sacrifice ceremony and a press conference for the launch. movie “Kla Dream.. Rob Sanan Muang” (Working Title), a Thai action movie that has invested more than 100 million baht in production, hoping to raise Thai movies to international standards.

“Kla Dream.. Rob Sanan Muang” (Working Title) is considered the most exciting Thai action drama film. This project brings together people who are most ready to make Thai action movies to international standards. Thep-Suthep Jabsee, Ban Rik executives with over 30 years of experience creating action scenes in Thai and foreign films. More than 100 countries in this work, “Phi Thep” is acting as a director and producer, with Oui-Nonsee Nimibutr acting as a co-director, Dom-Tanissapong Sasinmanop, a photographer who has won awards at the film event. And many advertising works and Ek Iamchuen, production design and script writing that people in the Thai film industry have accepted.

movie “Dare to Dream.. Rob Sanan Muang” (Working Title) is the story of “Dream” and “Dare”, two fighting brothers. who is involved in the betrayal of a multinational mafia Both must fight with all their might because their family lives are at stake. The actors involved in the project include Kao-Jirayu La-ongmanee as Kla, Wawwa-Nichari. Chokprachakchai plays the role of Fan, along with famous actors Ananda Everingham, Charlie-Chalida Gilbert, Boss-Natchaphongpol Suddee, Guy-Ratchanon. Suprakob, Man-Pattanaphon Kunchorn, Beam-Saranyu Prachakit, Pangpond-Akarawut Mangkolsut, Jack-Charupong Kluaymai-ngam, etc.

Wawwa-Nicharee said, “I’m very excited and challenging. who was given the opportunity to play a dream role in this movie in the role of the elder sister Former female Muay Thai champion who had to turn to take care of a boxing camp instead of the father who passed away Let me tell you that the story is very intense. And it’s the most challenging chapter. Practicing both Muay Thai and practicing MMA as well because I want my body to be ready. and the most complete Wa’s intention Well, I really want to be able to play too.”

Kao-Jirayu said, “In the movie Dare to dream.. rob the city. I play the role of Kla, the younger brother who left the house to live an exciting life with a team of risky stunt shows. which is enough to read the chapter I feel very impressed. As we are boys who like the excitement already personally feel fun and was impressed since going to the drift driving action scene workshop and ride a motorcycle Together with friends, brothers and sisters of the Ban Rick team, in this regard, we have worked with many talented actors. I would like to leave everyone to support and cheer for the Thai movie about Dare Dream.. Rob Sanan Muang as well.”

movie “Kla Dream.. Rob Sanan Muang” (Working Title) will start filming in November 2021 and release in 2022.

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