LaVar Ball calls for damaged goods; Lonzo in the Big Baller Brand argument

Don't let you fail a apparent failure of Big Baller Brand and Lonzo Ball to the New Orleans Pelicans. LaVar Ball thinks he knows the way forward.

The family member faced the former business partner with alleged collusion of seven figures Alan Foster and the latest program of “Ball in the Family” has BBB's family difficulties. One of the big topics was whether the brand name should be to change.

Not surprisingly, the oldest businessman who knew him was not renamed, was allegedly set aside aside, recently on clearing racks, getting “F” from the Better Business Bureau and making shoes that fell. out in minutes on the court.

When Lonzo, a majority of the company in his possession – told his father that position, LaVar defended himself with … very doubt.

The exchange can be seen around the 16 minute mark:

“I'm just saying, the three Ball brothers will always be the name of BBB. I'm not changing that – – at all, ”said Ball (h / t to LonzoWire).

“When I come out with a name and then someone tells me to change it, that's like me telling me to change your name. People seem to say ‘Oh, hey, changed the name of Lonzo on Alfonzo to the fact that he has been damaged in goods for the past two years. '”

The “damaged goods” line is undoubtedly a reference to the large number of injuries Lonzo experienced in the first two years of the league, which has limited him to less than 50 games per season to date. Or could you be a reference to Lonzo who joins the Pelicans, who knows?

It is an interesting way to breed your son's injuries and also to express your case when the son is involved in the business, but we are also talking about a man who thinks that the best way of failing to do business is anything. to change.

This was followed by an exchange that had already been seen in the “Ball sa Teulughlach” trailer, with Lonzo going to the real with LaVar under the brand and Foster:

LONZO: The brand is now demolished.

LAVAR: That's how you feel, “The brand is broken.”

LONZO: That's how everyone feels.

LAVAR: Who is everyone?

LONZO: The world. The consumers.

LAVAR: The world? So the consumers you spoke to?

LONZO: Yes, everything is tormented now.

LAVAR: Why is it put up? Because one person did something bad?

LONZO: It was the main person.

LAVAR: It wasn't the main person.

LONZO: He ran everything.

Obviously BBB is doing just fine, guys.

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