Law makers, local workers try to help with food deserts; Virginia

Richmond, Va. (WRIC) – Nearly 100 people met Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia), as well as a few state and city leaders, Monday to discuss food.

Topics included how to get better access to food and how to provide healthy education and meals for children.

The main reasons raised were how to get the money to invest in affordable food and how to attract shops to enter “desert food” areas.

"More than a million Virgo live in the desert of food," said Sen. Warner. "There are 60 miles alive here in Richmond city."

In urban centers like Richmond, being in a desert food means that fresh fruits and vegetables are more than a mile away.

Senator Warner and the Donald McEachin Conference are working on this Healthy Food Access for all of Americans. If passed, the action would give businesses tax credits to open in areas like the East End.

Warner also wants to leverage other institutions to get involved.

“Banks, hospitals, and others who are required to invest in communities to think about raising investment in healthy food,” said Warner.

Area food truck owners are now working to provide local produce directly to the people.

"So not only do we need a food truck to serve healthy food to the urban communities but also to give them urban communities," said RVA Street Foodies, owner. Malcom Andress III.

"In order to be able to subsidize this work in urban communities we need the contracts we call our medical communities and our university community."

Andress tell 8 It hopes that it will create stronger relationships with farmers' markets to take their products directly and sell them in areas that have little attention across Richmond.

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